Travel Policies for Guests

Welcome to Brown University! 

To ensure full expense reimbursement, guests of Brown must follow the university's travel policy. Please contact your visit coordinator with any questions — we are happy to help!

Traveling to Providence

Air Travel
Guests travel to Brown by way of T.F. Green Airport in Providence or Logan Airport in Boston, depending on flight availability.

  • Please book coach or economy class tickets. Brown University does not reimburse the full cost of business or first-class travel.
  • If traveling to Providence: taxis will be available for transportation to your hotel.
  • If traveling to Boston: public ground transportation to Providence is readily available in two ways:

Ground Travel


Guests travel to the Providence train station, located just a few miles away from the Brown campus.

  • Please book a coach or business-class ticket. Brown University does not reimburse the full cost of first-class travel.
  • Taxis will be available for transportation to your destination (Brown or your hotel).
Personal Vehicle

Personal vehicle reimbursement is at the federal rate (2017: $0.535/mile), which covers all costs including fuel. 

Auto Rental

Rental of a compact or mid-size vehicle is reimburseable when the cost is less than personal vehicle reimbursement. If you do rent a car:

  • Please provide justification for auto rental to your visit coordinator. 
  • Insurance purchased through the rental agency is reimburseable. 
  • Luxury vehicles are not reimburseable.


Meal expenses incurred during your travel to Brown are reimburseable. The Department of Chemistry does not reimburse alcoholic beverage expenses.