Graduate Student Leadership Committee

The Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) is a group of eight graduate students from various lab groups throughout the department. The committee works to build community among our graduate students and postdocs by hosting events such as a weekly Journal Club and monthly socials. The committee comprises two students from each year of graduate study, years 2-5.

Mission Statement:

The Chemistry Graduate Student Leadership Committee (Chem-GSLC) aims to create a supportive community through which graduate students may find camaraderie, a means to strengthen their bonds with their peers, and a means to voice their opinions in a confidential environment.  Chem-GSLC accomplishes this mission by adhering to the following tenets: 

Through our work we aim to maintain the morale of our department and the passion for chemistry which has guided each student to pursue higher education. It is our belief that adhering to the tenets above will ensure the success and happiness of our peers.

Our 2021-22 GSLC members are:

Matthew Lueckheide, 5th year, Robinson Lab, (Senior Events Director)

Zhen Xiao, 5th year, Colvin Lab, (CISC Coordinative Director)

Jonathan Chellali, 4th year, Robinson Lab, (Lead Director, Communications Director)

Katelyn Rioux, 4th year, Delaney Lab, (Lead Director, Communications Director)

Alexander Brown, 3rd year, Robinson Lab, (Junior Events Director)

Michael Morales, 3rd year, Sun Lab, (Activities Director, DIAC Coordinative Director)

Audra Woodside, 3rd year, Robinson Lab (Activities Director)

Giovannia Barbosa, 2nd year, Delaney Lab (Junior Events Director)

To contact GSLC, please reach out to any of the members directly, or email [email protected].


  1. The Chem-GSLC aims to strengthen interpersonal bonds between students by hosting and encouraging participation in social events and research based activities, such as trivia nights or journal club. 

  2. The Chem-GSLC serves as a mediator between students and faculty. We function as a mouthpiece for the student body by ensuring all concerns are confidentially reported to staff and addressed seriously.

  3. The Chem-GSLC aims to ensure that the entirety of the student body is made to feel welcome and ensure none are alienated. This is accomplished not only through efforts to maintain a diverse representation in Chem-GSLC as well as direct partnerships with the departmental diversity and inclusion committee and coalition for international scholars.