Graduate Student Leadership Committee

The Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) is a group of eight graduate students from various lab groups throughout the department. The committee works to build community among our graduate students and postdocs by hosting events such as a weekly Journal Club and monthly socials. The committee comprises two students from each year of graduate study, years 2-5.

Our 2020-21 GSLC members are:

Lenard Sprague, 5th year, Rubenstein Lab

Honghong Lin, 5th year, Sun Lab

Mengjie Lyu, 5th year, Rose-Petruck Lab

Matthew Lueckheide, 4th year, Robinson Lab

Tong Cai, 4th year, Chen Lab

Zhen Xio, 4th year, Colvin Lab

Katelyn Rioux, 3rd year, Delaney Lab

Jonathan Chellali, 3rd year, Robinson Lab 

Michael Morales, 2nd year, Sun Lab

Audra Woodside, 2nd year, Robinson Lab