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Undergraduate researchers present at Summer Research Symposium

August 12, 2014

Each summer at Brown, undergraduate researchers in the humanities, life sciences, social sciences, and physical sciences have the opportunity to present posters at the Summer Research Symposium. This year, 11 students from the Chemistry Department displayed their posters to hundreds of visitors. The students represent a range of fields in chemistry, from nanoscale materials to DNA repair. Click here to be redirected to the photo album.

Student Presenters:
Robert Lusi & Sarah Weingarten: Basu Lab
Priya Patel & Mary Tarantino: Delaney Lab
Karen Chen & Frank Chung: Koski Lab
Daniel DeCiccio: Rose-Petruck Lab
Layne Frechette: Stratt Lab
Patrice Groomes & Bereket Zekarias: Sello Lab
Heather Aruffo: L-S Wang Lab