Dr. Dantarie Stallings to give seminar hosted by Chemistry Diversity & Inclusion Action Committee

The Chemistry Diversity & Inclusion Action Committee is hosting a seminar by Dr. Dontarie Stallings, Research & Program Manager of OXIDE, the Open Chemistry Collaborative in Diversity Equity. OXIDE is a 5-year, NSF/NIH/DoE-funded initiative to change the academic chemistry infrastructure from the top down by working with the chairs of leading research-active chemistry departments to reduce inequitable policies and practices that have historically led to disproportionate representation on academic faculties with respect to gender, race-ethnicity, disabilities, and sexual orientation(1).

Advancing Inclusive Excellence Through Gender Equity

Dontarie M. Stallings*, Srikant Iyer and Rigoberto Hernandez 
Department of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 

Wednesday, March 1 @ 4:00 PM
MacMillan Hall, Room 115 

Reception to follow in the MacMillan Hall Lobby. 

Several independent studies have shown that the degree of diversity in a group correlates with its success. Thus increased gender diversity in research groups and departments is a vector for them to move towards excellence. However, while the percentage of female faculty members at top chemistry research programs has increased from 10% to 19% in the past 15 years, they remain far from parity. Why does the number of female faculty members remain so far below availability when increased gender diversity should lead to competitive advantages? What procedures, policies and practices need to be introduced in order to increase diversity within this cohort? In concert with quantitative data produced by social scientists, OXIDE will present an overview of our findings and recommendations for the chemistry field. Social scientists, and the chairs from the top chemistry research programs collectively generated these solutions as a function of their work at OXIDE’s National Diversity Equity Workshop. Though generating equity within our faculty ranks may seem to be a daunting task, our recommendations represent a flexible toolkit that, if adopted, can lead to a climate that attracts and retains diverse and excellent talent.

This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Chemistry and the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion.

(1) http://oxide.jhu.edu/2/about