CHEM0500 Instructors Receive Model Course Award

Professors Kathleen Hess and Eric Victor have won a Model Course Award for their course Spring 2016 course CHEM0500 "Inorganic Chemistry."  The awards "recognize instructors who integrate technology into their course in ways that engage students and enhance student learning." Students, faculty, and staff can nominate courses for the Model Course Award, offered by Brown's Instructional Technology Group.

In Spring 2016, Prof. Eric Victor (Adjunct Lecturer) and Prof. Kathleen Hess (Senior Lecturer) instructed CHEM0500, the Chemistry Department's undergraduate level inorganic chemistry class. Profs. Victor and Hess utilized several technologies to engage students and supplement traditional instruction, including:

  • Piazza: Students learn from each other. Students were encouraged to communicate outside the classroom using Piazza, a virtual discussion board available for all Brown classes. Piazza enabled to students to ask questions, help each other solve challenging problems, and prepare for exams.
  • Symmetry Application: Structure is a major theme in inorganic chemistry. The students were able to explore and manipulate inorganic molecules in a free 3-D environment to help them understand molecular sturcture.
  • Paperless Laboratory: From taking laboratory notes to grading reports, traditional laboratory investigations require a lot of paper. In this class, all laboratory reports were paperless, streamlining the process from taking lab notes to grading and providing feedback.
  • Camtasia: Have a question but can't get to office hours? Not a problem for CHEM0500 students. Students watched videos prepared by course instructors to help master problem solving skills.

Congratulations to Profs. Eric Victor and Kathy Hess!