Delaney Lab Article Selected for Cover of Recent ACS Chemical Biology Issue

The article "Differential Ability of Five DNA Glycosylases to Recognize and Repair Damage on Nucleosomal DNA" was chosen as the cover art for the March 2017 issue of ACS Chemical Biology. The article is first-authored by Dr. Eric Olmon, a former NIH Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Professor Sarah Delaney.

from Olmon, E.; Delaney, S. ACS Chem. Biol. 2017, 12, 692-701:

Damage to genomic DNA leads to mutagenesis and disease. Repair of single base damage is initiated by DNA glycosylases, the first enzymes in the base excision repair pathway. Although eukaryotic packaging of chromosomal DNA in nucleosomes is known to decrease DNA glycosylase efficiency, the impact on individual glycosylases is unclear. Here, we present a model system in which we examine the repair of site-specific base damage in well-characterized nucleosome core particles by five different DNA glycosylases. We find that DNA glycosylase efficiency on nucleosome substrates depends not only on the geometric orientation of the damaged base but also on its identity, as well as on the size, structure, and mechanism of the glycosylase. We show via molecular modeling that inhibition of glycosylase activity is largely due to steric obstruction by the nucleosome core.

Dr. Olmon has advanced to the next stage of his career at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, MA. The Delaney Lab is a chemical biology laboratory in the Department of Chemistry at Brown focusing on DNA damage and repair mechanisms.