Congratulations to Sai Kaushik Yeturu! Breakthrough Lab Fellow 2019

B-Lab 2019

Brown University’s Breakthrough Lab (B-Lab) is an intensive 8-week accelerator program designed to support student entrepreneurs developing high-impact ventures. Each participating team receives access to custom mentoring, a peer cohort of dedicated founders, and co-working space.

We are thrilled to welcome 14 student ventures to this year’s program. Our founders come from all across the Brown and RISD landscape, as well as MIT and UPenn, and bring diverse perspectives, strengths, and interests to the cohort. They are bound together in their passion for creating meaningful solutions to important global challenges, and they represent some of the most advanced ventures in the Brown entrepreneurial ecosystem.

MOBILE-MED DATA SOLUTIONS Sai Kaushik Yeturu '21 Chemistry

Our web application is designed for data transmission from Indian Ambulances to Hospitals. In the busy, stressful, and life-threatening situations that ambulances and hospitals work with on a daily basis, efficient and accurate communication is integral. By creating a web application, with a blind data system, we provide Indian ambulances the ability to rapidly transmit patient care data such as vital signs and ETA directly to a hospital without producing any infrastructural demand on the medical system. This makes our web application ideal for both provider ease and an introduction of evidence-based medicine into developing countries. We hope to improve the lives of patients in need of Indian Emergency Medicine in the short term by reducing medical error, and in the long term by providing a recognition system for detrimental practices.