Congratulations Professor Delaney!

The Chemistry Department is pleased to announce Sarah Delaney has been promoted to full professor effective July 1, 2020.

Research in the Delaney laboratory is focused on establishing a chemically logical roadmap to understand how DNA damage relates to genetic change and human disease. The research is rooted in the laboratory’s strengths in the biochemistry and enzymology of DNA repair and in approaches to prepare chemically and structurally well-defined damaged DNA substrates. The research has been supported by the NIH and NSF and published in top journals in the discipline. In recognition of her research, Professor Delaney was awarded the Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES) Award from NIH/NIEHS. She teaches Chemical Biology, Organic Chemistry, and a broad interest course entitled Kitchen Chemistry and has been awarded the Philip J. Bray Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Physical Sciences from Brown University. Professor Delaney is also deeply engaged with graduate education and mentoring at the university level by serving as a member of the Brown University Graduate Council, Director of Graduate Studies in Chemistry, and serving as a mentor on several NIH training grants.