Brown Takes Care with the help from María Guerrero Martinez

Brown Takes Care is a prevention and education initiative that was created in the community with students and staff and calls on each of us to embrace behaviors that support community wellbeing. Those at greater risk for contracting COVID19 and the most vulnerable people in our community need us to support them by following public health guidelines and encouraging others to do the same. Through sharing stories of care we are able to help people make meaning and prevent them from distancing themselves from why COVID19 prevention matters. Because people's experience with COVID19 is so different depending on their backgrounds, the way each of us reasons through and contextualizes the guidelines can differ substantially. Our goal is to elevate as many voices as possible in order to increase the chances of a story resonating with someone or opening their minds to new ways of understanding and empathizing with each other, which can lead to behavior change.


There are many entry points to the campaign and we want you to engage with whichever is easiest and most authentic to you. Below are some examples of how others have engaged with the campaign:


  • “Why I Care” - share messages of prevention, tell your “Why I Care” stories, and how you “Show Care by Doing” (wearing a mask, social distancing, cleaning, contact tracing). Sharing these authentic messages allows the community to make meaning of public health guidelines and recognize the potential impact. 

  • "How I Care" - share messages of how you are showing the people you are forced to be far from that you care about them (respecting their boundaries, organizing safe activities to do outside, giving them space, friendship bracelets...). COVID has forced us to rewire how we show and interpret affection, so sharing these messages can help others understand how they can stay connected to their peers.

  • Downloadable Resources - you can access digital tools and resources to share and adapt. Use #BrownTakesCare when posting on social media.  We are putting these resources in your hands because we know you have a message of care that will empower the community. 

  • Be part of an on campus or zoom video interview or photo shoot where you talk about why you wear your mask, who you wear your mask for, or why you practice other primary prevention guidance.  Here are a few video examples and photo examples.

This is not an exhaustive list, and by all means take as much creative license as you want in engaging with Brown Takes Care. If you have any questions or want any help developing the content or thinking of ideas, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. If you have feedback or know what you want to do and want Brown to share it, please email [email protected].