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Researchers from Brown University have assembled complex macroscale superstructures from pyramid-shaped nanoparticle building blocks. The research, described in the journal Nature, demonstrates a promising new way to bring the useful properties of nanoparticles to macroscale materials and devices.

The Department of Chemistry welcomes Carson Cole and Maria Vargas Rivera, two students from the Leadership Alliance Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) for Summer 2018.

The Department of Chemistry highlighted 14 Ph.D. recipients and 14 masters degree recipients, followed by presenting 30 baccalaureate degrees in Biochemistry and Chemistry.

An article accepted for publication to the Journal of Chemical Physics has been highlighted in Scilight, the American Institute of Physics’ news website. The publication is authored by Dr. Yan Zhao, who recently defended her thesis, and Professor Richard Stratt. 

The department presents awards annually to undergraduate and graduate students for accomplishments in academics and leadership. Congratulations to all students who received awards!

Joy Jiang ’19, biochemistry concentrator and Andrew Ton ’20, chemical physics concentrator, have been awarded Royce Fellowships by Brown University for independent research projects.

Elianna Isaac (first-year graduate student) has received an honorable mention from the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, and alumni Robert Lusi ’15 and Drew Morrill ’13 have won awards for 2018.  

Joseph Capani, Jr., a senior Chemistry concentrator, has been awarded the 2018 Outstanding Student Award from the RI American Chemical Society. This award is given annually to one student from each institution of higher education in the State of RI. At Brown, the awardee is nominated by Chemistry Department faculty. Joe is completing his research in the laboratory of Professor Matthew Zimmt.

Photo of students presenting at the Rhode Island science fair

In 2017, Professor Brenda Rubenstein, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Brown, received an advocate grant from Science of Society and the Public, establishing the Brown Advocate Program with help from a group of mentors from the local community.

Junrui Li, a fourth-year graduate student in that lab of Prof. Shouheng Sun, has been recognized with the 2018 Metalor Technologies Student Award. Junrui’s project focuses on developing Pt-, Pd-, and Au-based alloys as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxidation of methanol/ethanol for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.