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Photo of students presenting at the Rhode Island science fair

In 2017, Professor Brenda Rubenstein, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Brown, received an advocate grant from Science of Society and the Public, establishing the Brown Advocate Program with help from a group of mentors from the local community.

Junrui Li, a fourth-year graduate student in that lab of Prof. Shouheng Sun, has been recognized with the 2018 Metalor Technologies Student Award. Junrui’s project focuses on developing Pt-, Pd-, and Au-based alloys as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxidation of methanol/ethanol for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells.

Two Chemistry Department graduate students will instruct courses for Summer @ Brown, the largest Pre-College program bringing thousands of middle and high school students to Brown’s campus, in 2018.

Richard M. Stratt, Newport Rogers Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics, has been invited to deliver the 21st Strouhal Lecture at Charles University in Prague on March 7, 2018. The annual Strouhal Lecture is one of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics' ceremonial lectures, named in honor of renowned Czech physicist Prof. Dr. Čeněk Strouhal.

On January 23, 2018, the Department of Chemistry hosted its second annual STEM Day, co-sponsored by the Rhode Island Section of the American Chemical Society. 60 high school students joined us from two public charter schools in Providence, RI: Times Squared STEM Academy and the 360 School.  

The Deparment of Chemistry is pleased to announce an award of $4.1 million from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). This award, titled "Chemical CPUs: Computational Processing via Ugi Reactions," will bring together researchers from across fields of chemistry at Brown, as well as Brown's School of Engineering, to tackle the issue of data storage from various perspectives. Faculty from Chemistry include Brenda Rubenstein (Principal Investigator), Peter Weber, Eunsuk Kim, and Jason Sello. 

“Chemistry lies at the heart of so many applications, and not enough people are aware of how exciting and impactful chemistry is to their lives! Science needs to be effectively communicated to experts and non-experts alike." – Prof. Jerome Robinson, CHEM2310/1560N: Organometallic Chemistry, Fall 2017

Philip Alabi, a first-year graduate student in Chemistry, will speak on a panel of international graduate students at Global Voices, hosted by the Office of the International Student & Visitor Experience on Friday, November 17 at 5 PM. The event "aspires to highlight the breadth of the experiences of the international students at Brown... we believe that your story matters." 

A publication from the lab of Prof. Lai-Sheng Wang has been featured in RSC ChemistryWorld. The article highlights synthesis of a new molecular wheel composed of 6 gold atoms and 2 triple-bonded niobium atoms. With implication in ligand design, the Nb2Au6– ring features a bond shorter than that of the Nb2 triple bond, and according to the publication in Chemical Science, "a new bonding mode in metal–ligand systems" featuring delocalized sigma bonding. 

The Department of Chemistry presents Professor Catherine L. Drennan as our inaugural Distinguished Women in Science seminar series speaker. Prof. Drennan is a Professor of Chemistry and Biology at MIT and a Principal Investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The Drennan Research Laboratory seeks to understand how Nature harnesses and re-directs the reactivity of enzyme metallocenters in order to perform challenging reactions. The Drennan Education Laboratory creates resources for the innovative teaching of freshman chemistry.