Ou Chen

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Research Area

Contact Info

GeoChem 343401-863-3385Email[email protected] ProfileChen Lab Webpage

Research Statement

Research in the Chen laboratory focuses on developing novel materials ranging from nanoscopic to macroscopic scales and characterizing and elucidating their chemical and physical properties for energy, biological, optical and catalysis applications.

Areas of Interest

  • Quantum dots
  • Multifunctional nanomaterials
  • Hybrid nano-structures
  • Nanotechnology for energy and bio-imaging
  • Nanocrystal superstructures
  • Perovskite nanomaterials


  • 2010 - Ph.D.: University of Florida
  • 2004 - B.A. University of Science and Technology of China

Selected Publications

  • H. Zhu, Y. Nagaoka, K. Hills-Kimball, R. Tan, L. Yu, Y. Fang, K. Wang, R. Li, Z. Wang, O. Chen “Pressure-Enabled Synthesis of Hetero-Dimers and Hetero-Rods through Intraparticle Coalescence and Interparticle Fusion of QD-Au Satellite Nanocrystals” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 8408-8411.
  • R. Tan, Y. Yuan, Y. Nagaoka, D. Eggert, K. Wang, P. Guo, J. Zhao, O. Chen “Monodisperse Hexagonal Pyramidal and Bipyramidal Wurtzite CdSe-CdS Core-Shell Nanocrystals” Chemistry of Materials, 2017, 29, 4097-4108.
  • K. Hills-Kimball, Y. Nagaoka, C. Cao, E. Chaykovsky, O. Chen “Synthesis of Formamidinium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals through Solid-Liquid-Soild Cation Exchange” Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2017, 5, 5680-5684.
  • Y. Nagaoka, K. Hills-Kimball, R. Tan, R. Li, Z. Wang, O. Chen “Nanocube Superlattices of Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskites and Pressure-Induced Phase Transformation at Atomic and Mesoscale Levels” Advanced Materials, 2017, 29, 1606666.
  • R. Tan, H. Zhu, C. Cao and O. Chen “Multi-Component Superstructures Self-Assembled from Nanocrystal Building Blocks” Nanoscale, 2016, 8, 9944-9961.
  • O. Chen, F. Riedemann, F. Etoc, H. Herrmann, et. al. Nat. Comm. 2014, 5, 5093.
  • O. Chen, J. Zhao, J., V.P. Chauhan, J. Cuim, et. al. Nat. Mater. 2013, 12, 445-451.