Inorganic Chemistry

Inorganic chemistry at Brown focuses on organometallic chemistry, sustainable energy, synthesis of nanomaterials, and the role of inorganic compounds in biological systems. Inorganic chemists collaborate with nano/materials chemists and engineers to engage cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary research.


Ou Chen

Quantum dots, multifunctional nanomaterials, hybrid nano-structures, and nanotechnology for energy and bio-imaging

Vicki L. Colvin

Nanomaterials synthesis, magnetic materials, environmental fate and transport of colloids, biologically compatible nanomaterials, magnetic and electrical imaging in complex environments.

Eunsuk Kim

Bioinorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, redox signaling, nitric oxide signaling, energy, carbon dioxide conversion

Jerome R. Robinson

Inorganic chemistry, synthesis/catalysis, green chemistry, energy, materials, rare-earth metals

Shouheng Sun

Nanomaterials synthesis, self-assembly, nanomedicine, catalysis and energy storage