Organic Chemistry

Research in organic chemistry is vast, including synthesis of molecular building blocks and novel antibiotics, spectroscopic characterization of reactive intermediates, development of biosensing and biomarking techniques, self-assembly, and surface chemistry.



Amit Basu

Glycobiology, polymers, green chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, interfacial recognition, nanomaterials

Sarah Delaney

Nucleic acids chemistry and biology, DNA repair, enzyme kinetics

Jason K. Sello

Synthetic organic chemistry, microbiology, antibiotic mechanism and resistance, drug discovery, biofuels, analytical chemistry

Christopher T. Seto

Drug discovery, phosphatases, activity based probes, organic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis

Paul G. Williard

X-ray diffraction analysis, organolithium compounds, NMR, organometallics, organic synthesis

Matthew B. Zimmt

Nanoscience, self-assembly, scanning microscopies, organic synthesis