Colloquium Series

Spring 2018 Colloquium Series

The Department of Chemistry hosts a weekly colloquium series on Fridays during the academic year, 4:00 - 5:00 PM in MacMillan Hall Room 115 (167 Thayer St, Providence). These seminars are free and open to the public—all are invited!

Titles and abstracts are added to our Seminar & Events Calendar when they are received.

January 26: Prof. Lara Mahal (New York Univ.) Host: Amit Basu

February 2: Prof. Paula Diaconescu (UCLA) Host: Jerome Robinson

February 9: Prof. Laura Gagliardi (Univ. of Minnesota) Host: Brenda Rubenstein

February 16: Prof. Christine Caputo (Univ. of New Hampshire) Host: Jerome Robinson

March 2: Prof. James M. Mayer (Yale Univ. - 2018 Leallyn Burr Clapp Lecturer) Host: Jerome Robinson

March 9: Prof. Christopher Cummins (MIT) Host: Lai-Sheng Wang

March 16: Prof. Jianmin Gao (Boston College) Host: Amit Basu

March 23: Prof. Philippe Guyot-Sionnest (Univ. of Chicago) Host: Ou Chen

April 6: Prof. Harry B. Gray (California Inst. of Technology - 2018 John Howard Appleton Lecturer) Host: Jerome Robinson

April 13: Prof. Suzanne Walker (Harvard Univ.) – Distinguished Women in Science Series

April 20: Prof. Deyu Li, Ph.D. '08 (Univ. of RI) Host: Paul Williard

April 27: Brown–UNIBO Lecture & Chemistry Colloquium: Dr. Alberto Credi (University of Bologna)

May 4: Prof. Sen Zhang Ph.D. '13 (Univ. of Virginia) Host: Graduate Students

Please note there are no colloquia held on February 23 and March 30.