Honors & Sigma Xi


Chemistry and Chemical Physics
1) Greater than 3.50 GPA in concentration (based on courses approved in ASK)
2) Poster presentation (generally a week or two before Spring break) on your research
3) Thesis that has been approved by advisor and department

  • Note that AB candidates are also eligible for Honors if you satisfy these criteria (i.e. earning the ScB is not a requirement for Honors.)
  • Oral presentations (typically held during Reading Period) are required for students who want their thesis to be considered for the Clapp Prize, but others are welcome to present as well.  

1) A strong grade record in concentration courses. This means a grade point average for the concentration that is higher than 3.25.
2) Two semesters of Independent Study (CHEM 0970CHEM 0980 or equivalent. Guidelines and requirements associated with Independent Study are in the Undergraduate Concentration Handbook which can be found at the department website.
3) A Thesis in a form approved by the research advisor, and recommended by the research advisor.  Additional information about thesis guidelines will be provided by the Concentration Advisor in the first half of the fall semester.


The Brown University Chapter of Sigma Xi invites applicants from chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical physics seniors.

Apply Now

Submit an application to Sigma Xi.

Please submit your application no later than February 1, 2016. If you have questions, please contact Sheila Quigley

Qualifications for Associate Membership

Seniors (semester 7 and semester 8) who have demonstrated a high level of competence in science qualify. 


     1. A grade point average of 3.4 or better in the sciences.*

     2. Twelve semester courses in sciences, including courses at the elementary level. 

     3a. Two courses beyond the elementary level in a science outside the           student's department.
    3b. Three courses, including courses at the elementary level, in two or more sciences outside the student's department.
    3c. Involvement in a research project under supervision for at least one semester.

*Note:  If your G.P.A. is close to this, and you have done research, please submit an application, anyway.

These qualifications are intended to be guidelines and not to be interpreted rigidly.  For example, candidates with lower grade point averages may be elected on the basis of research activity, or candidates with higher grade point averages may not be elected because of relatively poor performance in advanced courses. 

updated 8/25/15