About the Classics Department

Like the discipline itself, which lies at the foundation of the humanities, Brown’s Department of Classics has a long and distinguished history, stretching from the founding of the University down to the current initiatives for academic enrichment. Ranked among the top graduate programs in the country, the department offers advanced work in ancient through medieval Greek and Roman languages, literatures, history, philosophy and material culture, as well as in Sanskrit language and literature, leading to the degrees of M.A. and Ph.D. in Classics, in Classics and Sanskrit, and in Ancient History through a joint program with Brown's Department of History.

The special research interests of the department’s faculty testify to the many and varied areas of inquiry that comprise the study of Classics. Those interests include archaeology, philology, literary history and criticism, history and historiography, epigraphy, palaeography, linguistics, religion, drama, philosophy, and law. In addition to the study of ancient Greek and Roman languages and cultures, Brown’s Department of Classics counts among its members a specialist in Sanskrit language, literature and thought, and in Modern Greek language.

The department’s current faculty are recognized internationally for their professional achievements. They are no less dedicated to teaching and take pride in the large number of Brown undergraduates who are attracted to their rigorous concentration programs in Classics, Latin, Greek, Greek and Latin, and Classics and Sanskrit. Some students go on to graduate study in Classics after graduation; many others enter other fields, including medicine, law, non-profit organizations, business, and education.

The Classics Department welcomes each year a number of international scholars (coming in recent years from Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Australia) who have won fellowships or short-term awards to work with Brown faculty on a formal or informal basis. Along with these guests, many other scholars visit the department each year as invited lecturers or conference participants. Classics graduate students run a colloquium series and an annual lecture, contributing to the department’s lively program of intellectual exchange. The Department Undergraduate Group also plans outings, talks, and social events.

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