Class of 2024

Please join us in saying Congratulations to the Classics Department Class of 2024!

Aparajitha AnantharamanMagna Cum Laude & Departmental Honors, A.B. Classics (Sanskrit) & Comparative Literature

Home: India

Thesis: “The Nectar-Light of Saguṇa Brahman: Reading the Divine Manifestations of the Unreal in and through the Bhagavad Gītā Commentaries of Śańkarācarya and Madhusūdana Sarasvatī”


Edward Guiliano Fellowship (2022)

Summer UTRA Award (2023)

Saxena Centre for Contemporary South Asia Winter Research Funding (2023)

Undergraduate Paper Prize in South Asian Studies (2024)

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Bharatanatyam dance 


"I am a student of literature, philosophy, dance, life. My academic journey has very much been guided by a thirst to probe the depths (and heights) of human existence, to find a harmony between the various aspects of my identity, to experiment with different modes of seeing the world anew, to make connections across texts and disciplines. Studying Comparative Literature and Sanskrit Classics has given me time to carefully linger with words and ideas, stretch my imagination, essay to the point of obsession. And now, all traces of obsession have been dissolved into a silent conviction; for I am confident that the texts and thinkers I have had the fortune to sit with will continue to shape my practice, challenge my thought, guide my action. With gratitude, I "forge ahead"!"


Stefanie Isabelle Del Rosario, A.B. Classics

Isaiah Chappell Goldsmith, A.B. Classics (Fall 2023)


Varun Vatsal Kasibhatla, A.B. Classics (Latin) & Computational Biology

Home: Georgia


Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Parkinson’s Disease SRA, Researcher (with presentation at American Academy) 

Oncology Database UTRA 

Brown Healthcare Advancement Journal


Varun is from Atlanta, Georgia. At Brown, he concentrated in Classics and Computational Biology. In the Classics department, he focused on Roman history and Latin language, also spending a semester at the prestigious Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy. After graduation, he will attend the Warren Alpert Medical School in Providence, Rhode Island.


Viraj Nischal KathuriaDepartmental Honors, A.B. Classics & Business Economics

Home: New York

Thesis: “A Translation and Analysis of Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Through the Lens of the Aeneid by Virgil”

Achievements: Brown Men’s Alpine Ski Team

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

Socially Responsible Investment Fund (SRIF)

Brown Entrepreneurship Program (BrownEP)


"Hi! My name is Viraj Nischal Kathuria and I am graduating with a degree in Classics and Business Economics. I am from New York City and have studied Latin since 6th grade. While at Brown, I was a part of the Men’s Alpine Ski Team, the Socially Responsible Investment Fund (SRIF), and the Brown Entrepreneurship Program (EP). I spent my senior year writing an honors thesis alongside Professor Pucci, where I translated and analyzed Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry through the lens of the Aeneid by Virgil. This thesis was the culmination of my eleven years of studying Latin. Outside of school, I love to watch and play different sports, especially Baseball and Tennis, and hangout with my friends. I have learned so much from my professors and peers throughout my time on College Hill and could not be more grateful. Classes like 21st Century Classics, Fortunatus, and more offered unique ways of thinking about and studying the Classics. While often overlooked, the depths of knowledge and understanding that I discovered while studying Classics will translate into all aspects of my life post-Brown. Lastly, my Brown experience was truly made by people I met. People from all over the world who bring extraordinarily different life perspectives have taught me more than I could have ever imagined. There is no place like Brown and I will miss it very much. Thank you, Brown!"


Sindy Lee, A.B. Classics & Economics


Xuanru Liu, A.B. Medieval Studies (Late Antiquity Track) & Sc.B. Computer Science, Sc.M. Computer Science

Home: China


Brown University Orchestra (2021-2022)

Computer Science Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (2021-2022)

Peer Career Advisor (2022-2024)

Workman-Driscoll Premium Award (2024)

Extra-Curricular Activities: Brown Classical Journal, Editor (2022-2024)


Alexander William Quinn Mayo, Magna Cum Laude & Departmental Honors, A.B. Classics (Greek & Sanskrit) 

Thesis: “Ekphrasis in the Old Norse Alexanders Saga

Home: Connecticut

Achievements: Workman-Driscoll Premium Award (2024)

Extra-Curricular Activities: Classics DUG co-leader (2022-2024)


Alex concentrated on the Greek and Sanskrit track. He is particularly interested in the history of Classics in Scandinavia, including translations from Latin into Old Norse and modern Scandinavian vernacular languages, and original Latin language compositions, from both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. He will begin a PhD in Classics at Yale in the fall. 


John Lyons Michaud, Departmental Honors, A.B Classics (Latin) & Archeology (Classical Archeology)

Thesis: “CarminaPrata, et Divinum

Home: Massachusetts


"At Brown, I studied Classics and Archaeology and wrote my thesis on ancient Christian use of Virgil's natural landscapes. I was lucky enough to go on two excavations at Roman sites over the summers. I am particularly grateful to Professor Pucci for introducing me to the Late Antique world, his teaching over these four years, and for advising me in my thesis."


Arushi Parekh, Magna Cum LaudeA.B.Classics & International and Public Affairs (Economic Development Track)

Home: New York


Global Research & Consulting Group, President (2020-2023) 

Fashion@Brown, Business & Marketing Director (2021-2024)

Office of College Admission, Student Admissions Representative (2021-2024)

Meiklejohn Peer Advising Program (2021-2024)

Extra-Curricular Activities: Brown Classical Journal, Editor (2021-2024)


Arushi concentrated in Classics and International & Public Affairs on the Economic Development track. Her interests lie primarily in understanding the political, social, and economic complexities of ancient and modern societies, with a specific focus on emerging markets. She is very grateful to the Classics department for its support throughout her time at Brown, and for fostering her passion in Latin and ancient Greek. After graduation, Arushi is headed to New York City to work for Goldman Sachs. 


Alexander Lee Myung Sung Platt, A.BClassics


Grace Rebecca Posorske, Departmental HonorsA.B. Classics & International and Public Affairs

Thesis: “Projections of Legitimacy: The Legacy of the Classics and Congressional Popular Politics”

Home: Arizona


Aiden Lewis Prendergast, A.B. Classics (Latin) & Computer Science

Home: Illinois

Achievements: Lucius Lyon Prize in Latin (2024)

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

Brown Political Union (2023-2024)

Brown-RISD Game Developers (2023)


Aidan is from Chicago, Illinois. At Brown he was a double concentrator in Classics and Computer Science and is extremely grateful to his professors in the Classics department for their invaluable guidance and inspiration, which have profoundly shaped his academic journey. After graduation, he will be joining Visa working as a Software Engineer in Atlanta, after which he plans to apply for law school. He would also like to thank his family for all the support they have given him throughout his time at Brown.


Kristen Paige Quesada, Departmental Honors, A.B. Classics

Thesis: “From Pudicitia to Purity: Tracing the Transformation of Female Chastity from Roman Tradition to Christian Virtue”

Achievements: James Aldrich Pirce Prize (2024)

After graduation, Kristen will be starting law school at Columbia University in New York.


Miguel Christopher Santiago Rivera Young, A.B. Classics & Slavic Studies

Home: Virginia


Miguel concentrated in Classics on the general track, along with an additional concentration in Slavic Studies. He came to Brown from Staunton, Virginia and along with his twin brother Andreas has spent four wonderful years at Brown. Outside of the classroom, he has worked on the Brown Journal of World Affairs and the Brown Classical Journal, as well as working as a chef at Bacaro restaurant for many of his years here. He is an avid Newcastle United supporter (sorry Professor Oliver), and loves playing pickup soccer around town. Next year he will be taking a gap year in DC before applying to law school. 


Ainsley Renee Smith, Magna Cum LaudeA.B. Classics & English

Home: Kansas

Achievements: Visiting Student at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University (2022-2023)


James Pierce Stearns Symonds, A.B. Classics & Economics

Home: Connecticut

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

Brown Musical Theater Productions, Actor

Brown Classical Journal, Contributor


"My name is Jimmy Symonds and I am from Kent, Connecticut. I study Classics and Economics. I was lucky to be able to take Latin and Greek in highschool, which lead to continuing Classics into college. My interests within Classics are primarily Homer and Vergil."


Harrison Theriault, A.B. Classics (Greek) 

Home: Massachusetts

Extra-Curricular Activities: Aikido 2021-2024/present


"I am a Classics-Premedical student who studied Ancient Greek during my time at Brown. I have greatly enjoyed using the Open Curriculum to explore my diverse interests in Greek society, medicine, and linguistics."


Fengyuan Wang, A.B. Classics & Computer Science


Olivia Angelina Kennison, M.A. Classics


Christopher Leo Jotischky, Ph.D. in Classics

Dissertation: The Latin Poetics of Modern Greek Prose, 1821-1945

Home: United Kingdom 

Achievements: S. Victor Papacosma Graduate Essay Prize (Modern Greek Studies Association) (2019)

International Cavafy Summer School (Cavafy Archive, Athens, Greece) (2023)

Marilena Laskaridis Research Fellowship in Modern Greek Studies, University of Amsterdam (2024-25)


“The Rape-Pregnancy Plots of Roman Comedy and Their Reception in Nineteenth-Century Greece: The Case of The Plot of Basil by Antonios Matesis,” Classical Receptions Journal (2023)


Christopher completed undergraduate studies at the University of Oxford before joining the Classics Department at Brown in 2017. His PhD dissertation, on the reception of Latin in Greece during the country's first 120 years of independence, aims to reconfigure how classical reception is traditionally conceived in relation to the literature and educational culture of Modern Greece, arguing that the hitherto neglected importance of Latin to Greek intellectuals of the period signifies both their concern to integrate themselves into pre-existing European cultural networks and Modern Greece's detachment from full ownership of the Ancient Greek legacy. While at Brown, Christopher has published his research in journals such as Classical Receptions Journal and Skenè, presented at conferences in the US, UK, Canada, and Greece, and received the Modern Greek Studies Association's graduate essay prize in 2019. He has taught numerous courses in Classics and served as a TA for courses in History and Comparative Literature, with subject matter ranging from Homer to the twentieth-century novel. Christopher leaves Brown to take up a Marilena Laskaridis Research Fellowship at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 


Marko Vitas, Ph.D. in Classics, M.A. in Assyriology and Egyptology

Dissertation: The Myth of Destruction Beyond Floods and Wars: An Essay in Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Literature

Home: Serbia


2020 CAMWS Presidential Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper (“Name Replacement as a Stylistic Device in Pindar’s Epinician Odes”)

Open Graduate Education Program (2020)

2024 Loeb Classics Library Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship


“The Disturbing Locus Amoenus in Plato’s Phaedrus,” Hermes (2022)

“The Chicago Akkadian Dictionary: Contexts and Perspectives,” Infotheca – Journal for Digital Humanities (2023)

“Hesiodic Influence on Plato’s Myth of the Cicadas,” Plato Journal (2023)


Marko Vitas has obtained a PhD in Classics, and an MA in Assyriology and Egyptology (through Brown’s Open Graduate Education program). His research explores cultural exchange in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean in the late 2nd and early 1st millennium BC, with a focus on mythology and literature. His dissertation discusses the Myth of Destruction in Sumerian, Akkadian, Hittite and Greek sources. Marko spent the 2022-2023 academic year at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris, where he studied anthropological and comparative approaches to the religions and mythology of the ancient world. Marko returns to Paris in 2024 as the Loeb Classical Library Foundation Postdoctoral research fellow. His most recent publications include papers on Plato’s use of Homer and Hesiod, and on Chicago Akkadian Dictionary.