Candidates are admitted into the program by either the Classics or the History Department. The admitting department assumes financial responsibility for all candidates it admits to the program. All applicants to the program should upload their materials directly to the Ancient History portal and indicate by checking the appropriate box whether they wish to be evaluated by the Classics Department or by the History Department. Please consult with the Director of Graduate Studies for the Ancient History Program to discuss which of the two routes will be best suited for your application to the program.


Criteria for Admission

Applications are assessed on a holistic basis, but candidates admitted to the program will normally have a minimum of three years of Greek and Latin. Candidates have to meet the following criteria: advanced level in Latin and Greek; reading knowledge in one of four modern foreign languages (German, French, Italian, and Spanish) that are most important for research in ancient history. Students are strongly encouraged to attain these levels before applying (if necessary, for example, by attending a post-baccalaureate program).

Duration of Funding

The program is designed to take five years.  Students are funded by the sponsoring programs and, when available, through fellowships designated for advanced students in the program.