Examinations in Ancient & Modern Languages

1. Qualifying Translation Exams in Greek and Latin

Translation Exams consist of three hours of Greek and three hours of Latin translation in separate exams. Each examination includes six passages, three of prose, three of poetry. Four of the six passages (two prose, two poetry) will come from the Reading List; two passages (one prose, one poetry) will be at sight (that is, not from the Reading List). The exams are to be taken without the aid of a dictionary. The examinations are given three times yearly, in September, in the last week of January, and in the first weeks of May. A Translation Exam may be taken whenever the student has achieved the necessary preparation in that language, from the beginning of the first year, but students are expected to have passed both of these exams by the end of their fourth semester.

2. Modern Languages

Because of the importance of foreign language scholarship in classical studies, the student should acquire a reading knowledge of German and French or Italian as early as possible. Students must demonstrate competence in reading German and either French or Italian. The requirement will be satisfied by passing exams administered by a faculty member. Exams will be one hour written exams taken with the aid of a dictionary.