The program is operated and supervised by a Director of Graduate Studies (currently Professor Graham Oliver (Classics and History) in consultation with an Executive Committee comprised of other Brown faculty in Ancient History, currently Professors John Bodel and Graham Oliver (Classics and History), Ken Sacks (History and Classics), Adele Scafuro (Classics), and Associate Professor Jonathan Conant (History and Classics).  An Assistant Professorship in Roman History will be advertised and filled during 2018-2019.

Tenured faculty contributing to the program, in addition to the ancient historians mentioned previously, are drawn from the departments of Classics: John Cherry (Greek and Roman archaeology), Johanna Hanink (Greek culture and reception); History: Amy Remensnyder (European Middle Ages); Archaeology: Peter van Dommelen (Western Mediterranean, Phoenician-Punic archaeology); Egyptology and Assyriology: Laurel Bestock (Egyptology); Matthew Rutz (social and political history of Late Bronze Age Syria; Babylonian/Assyrian documents), and John Steele (Exact Sciences, Mesopotamia); Religious Studies: Michael Satlow (Hellenistic and Roman Judaism), Susan Harvey (early Christianity, Syriac), and Nancy Khalek (early Islam). Untenured faculty who contribute to the program include, in Archaeology: Felipe Rojas (Greek and Roman Anatolia); in History: Brian Lander (Qin and Han China, environmental history).