Classics Graduate Alumni


Dominic Machado, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Communities and Collective Action in the Republican Army"

Jennifer Lewton Yates, Ph.D.
Dissertation:  "The Ancient Novels and the Tragic Tradition"


Bryan Brinkman, Ph.D.

Joseph Kurz, Ph.D.

Rachel Philbrick, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Disruptive Verse: Hyperbole and the Hyperbolic Persona in Ovid's Exile Poetry"

Adrianne Troia, Ph.D.
Dissertation:  "The Epitaph for Bion: Agonism and Fictional Biography as Literary Criticism in Late Bucolic"


Barbara Blythe, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Petronius' Satyrica: A Novel of Mystic Initiation"

Scott DiGiulio, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Aulus Gellius, the Noctes Atticae, and the Literary Logic of Miscellany under the High Roman Empire"

Karen (Kelly) Jones, M.A.
Thesis: "Raised Voices:  Seneca’s Ghost Scenes as Microcosms of the Tragedies"

Byron MacDougall, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Gregory of Nazianzus and Christian Festival Rhetoric"

Anne (McEnroe) McDonald, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Plutarch and the Philosophical Dialogue"

Tara Mulder, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Fetal Actors, Female Bodies: Childbirth in the Roman Empire"

Anne Rabe, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Innovation and Invective in Cicero's Violent Metaphors"

Matthew Wellenbach, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Choruses for Dionysus: Studies in the History of Dithyramb and Tragedy"


Joseph McDonald, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Narrating Impiety in Ancient Greece"

Mitchell Parks, Ph.D.
Dissertation:  "City of Praise: The Politics of Encomium in Classical Athens"


Timothy Haase, PhD.
Dissertation:"Watching the World Unravel: Juvenal's Satirical Mechanics" 

Jeanmarie Stimson, M.A.


David Berger, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Plato's Lesser Hippias:  Translation and Commentary"

Leo Landrey, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Valerius Flaccus' Roman Epic"

Robin McGill, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Aligning Myths and Experience: The Sanctification of Time in Early Christian Latin Hymns"

Christopher Geggie, M.A.

Melissa Sassin, M.A.


Lauren Donovan Ginsberg, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Literary and Ideological Memory in the Octavia"

Christopher Welser, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Demos and Dioikesis: Public Finance and Democratic Ideology in Fourth-Century B.C. Athens"


Alexander Alderman, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Serio-comic Elements in Xenophon's Socratic Writings"

Peter Lech, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Gender, Social Status and Discourse in Roman Comedy"

Asya Sigelman, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Xenia and the Unity of Time in Pindar’s Victory Odes"

Mark Thatcher, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "A Variable Tapestry: Identity and Politics in Greek Sicily and Southern Italy" 

William Torterelli, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Lyric Wisdom: Alcaeus and the Tradition of Paraenetic Poetry"

David Yates, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Remembering the Persian War Differently" 


Jeffrey Hunt, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Fiction and Mimesis in the Idylls of Theocritus"

Keeley Schell, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Vergil's Self-Referential Simile: Thematic Construction Through Internal Allusion in the Aeneid"

William Appleton, M.A.

Sarah Dawson, M.A.

Cynthia Swanson, M.A.


Kevin Patterson, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "A Christian Virgil: The Function of Virgilian References in the Writings of Aldhelm"

Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Staging Empire: The Manipulation of Place and Time in Lucan's Bellum Civile"

Christopher Trinacty, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Character is Destiny: Senecan Tragedy and Ovid"

Adam Bravo, M.A.

Ed Wong, M.A.


Bret Mulligan, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Carmina Sola Loquor: The Poetics of Claudian's Carmina Minora"

Eva Cieloszyk, M.A.


Alon Navot, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Similes of the Real in Virgil's Aeneid"

Sarah Nix, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "The Characterization of Caesar in Lucan's Bellum Civile


Max Leo Goldman, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Problems of Voice in Petronius"

Carol Jane King, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Alexander and Divination: Dreams, Omens, and Aristander of Telmessus in the Alexander Historians"

Joseph Gerard Leichter, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "The Zij as-Sanjari of Gregory Chioniades: Text, Translation, and Greek-to-Arabic Glossary"

Heather L. Vincent, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Ieiunum Odium: A Theory of Humor in Juvenal"

Joshua Slocum, M.A.

Sarah Smart, M.A.


Suzanne Abrams Rebillard, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Speaking of Salvation: Gregory of Nazianzus as Poet and Priest in his Autobiographical Poems"         

John Dayton, Ph.D. 
Dissertation: "The Athletes of War: An Evaluation of the Agonistic Elements in Greek Warfare"

Preston Edwards, Ph.D.   
Dissertation: "On the Christian Alexandrianism of Gregory of Nazianzus"

Michael Fontaine, Ph.D. 
Dissertation: "The Sophisticated Paraprosdokian in Plautus"


Malcolm Hyman, Obiit           
Dissertation: "Barbarism and Solecism in Ancient Grammatical Thought"


Antonios Augoustakis, Ph.D.            
Dissertation: "Facta virum sileo: Re-Constructing Female Action in Silius Italicus' Punica"

Edward L. deBoo, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Puns on Plato's Name in The Republic"


Ruth Rothaus Caston, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "Elegiac Passion: A Study of Jealousy in Roman Love Elegy"

Heath Martin, Ph.D.           
Dissertation: "Spontaneous Generation and Aristotle's Hierarchy of Animal Life"

Mark J. Sundahl, Ph.D. 
Dissertation: "The Use of Statutes in the Seven Extant and graphe nomon me epitedeion theinai Speeches"


R. Anthony Kugler, Ph.D.              
Dissertation: "Representations of Self and Audience in the Phrygian And Cicilian Orations of Dio Chrysostom"

Raymond Marks, Ph.D.   
Dissertation: "Scipio Africanus in the Punica of Silius Italicus

Matthew Munich, Ph.D.        
Dissertation: "Past Perfect: Images of the Past in Cicero, Lucretius and Catullus"

Philip Thibodeau, Ph.D.   
Dissertation: "Wonders  of a World.  Essays on Vergil's Fourth Georgic"


Anthony Hollingsworth, Ph.D.       
Dissertation: "Recitation and the Stage: The Performance of Senecan Tragedy"
Vassiliki Panoussi, Ph.D.            
Dissertation: "Epic Transfigured: Tragic Allusiveness in Vergil's Aeneid"

Shilpa Raval, Obiit              
Dissertation: "Pudibunda Ora: Gender, Sexuality and Language in Ovid's Metamorphoses"

Nicholas Sterling, Ph.D.         
Dissertation: "Laconic Persuasion:  Rhetorical Arrangment of Events in Xenophon's Hellenika"


Gregory Bucher, Ph.D.         
Dissertation: "Prolegomena to a Commentary on Appian's Bellum Civile, Book 2"

Carolin Hahnemann, Ph.D.        
Dissertation: "Incarnating Democracy: The Role of Theseus in the Tragedies of Aischylos, Sophokles and Euripides"

Ben J. Hennelly, Ph.D. 
Dissertation: "Transcendence and Implication:  The Two Visions of Virgil's Georgics"

Joseph S. Houser, Ph.D.      
Dissertation: "The Philosophy of Musonius Rufus:  A Study of Applied Ethics in the Late Stoa"

Marc Mastrangelo, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "The Psychomachia of Prudentius:  A Reappraisal of the Greek Sources and Origins of Allegory"


Margaret Graver, Ph.D.  
Dissertation: "Therapeutic Reading and Seneca's Moral Epistles"

Steven Rutledge, Ph.D.
Dissertation: "The Literary, Cultural, and Historical Background of Tacitus' Dialogus de oratoribus"


Faith Sandstrom, Ph.D.      
Dissertation: "The Silver Soteira Coinage of Cyzicus in the Fourth Century B.C."

Catherine M. Torigian, Ph.D.          
Dissertation: "Poetic Allegory and Roman Reality in Three Carmina"


Geoffrey Bakewell, Ph.D.  
Dissertation: "Producing the Polis:  Political and Legal Terminology in Aeschylus"

James J. Kennelly, Ph.D.    
Dissertation: "Thucydides' Knowledge of Herodotus"

Jacob Rabinowitz, Ph.D.     
Dissertation: "The Origin of the Witch in Classical Antiquity: Demonization of The Fertility Goddess"