Ph.D. Program in Sanskrit

Brown University's Sanskrit Programs

The Classics Department of Brown offers a Ph.D. track in Sanskrit Language and Literature and a Classics and Sanskrit Ph.D. track that allows interested classicists to add a Sanskrit component to their Ph.D. (Students interested in Ph.D. study of Sanskrit at Brown may also wish to investigate the track in South Asian Religions in the Department of Religious Studies that is one program in its Asian Religions Traditions track.)

Brown University has engaged in the study and teaching of Sanskrit for over a century and is now under the leadership of the Purandara Das Professor of Sanskrit in Classics, James L. Fitzgerald, a scholar of ancient Indian religions, literatures, and philosophies. Fitzgerald is a specialist in the ancient Indian epics, particularly the Mahābhārata. He is joined by Lecturer David Buchta, a scholar of Sanskrit literature, Indian philosophy, and the Pāṇinian tradition of grammatical analysis.

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