Classics Grad Students Travel Abroad to Present Papers

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Traveling to attend conferences and seminars is an important part of the graduate student experience at Brown.  Being chosen to present at a conference can be an even more rewarding experience for their academic careers and growth as professionals.  That’s why the department is pleased to help support our PhD students whenever they get the opportunity to present papers outside of Brown.



Alvaro Pires (PhD, Classics) will be presenting at the CEPAM conference in Trier, Germany, entitled Diffusion Of Zoological Knowledge In Late Antiquity And The Byzantine Period.  The conference will focus on the process of diffusion and transformation of zoological data in Late Antiquity and the Byzantine Period by selected case studies.  Alvaro’s paper, A Fiction of Nature and the Nature of Fiction: Allegory in the Physiologos, is derived from his dissertation research.  The conference will take place next week, October 18-19th.


Additionally, three other Classics Department PhD students will be presenting at the UK Classical Association Annual Meeting at Swansea University, in April 2020. 

Sam Butler (PhD, Ancient History), will present Glocal Writing in the Ancient Mediterranean: The Case of Western AnatoliaGaia Giani (PhD, Classics) will present Martial, masculinity and sexuality in the Erotion cycle (5.34, 5.37, 10.61)Kelly Nguyen (PhD, Ancient History) will present Refugees and Empire-making in the mid-to-late Hellenistic Roman World.  The Classical Association was founded in 1903 for the advancement of education by the promotion, development and maintenance of classical studies and to increase public awareness of the contribution and importance of classics to education and public life. 

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Pictured: Sam Butler, Gaia Gianni, Kelly Nguyen


Congratulations to our graduate students – we look forward to hearing more details after their trips!