Past Faculty Talks 2009-2010

Past Faculty Talks


September 1: John Cherry, "Still Not Digging Much," as part of Archaeological Dialogues panel "Why Excavate?" at the European Association of Archaeologists meeting, The Hague, Netherlands.

September 24: Susan Alcock, "CE Putting Petra in a Landscape Mode: The Brown University Petra Archaeology Project, 2010" presented at the William J. Battle Lecture, Department of Classics, University of Texas, Austin.

October 13: Joseph Pucci, "Ambiguity in the Personal Poetry of Venantius Fortunatus." Harvard Medieval Seminar, Barker Center, Harvard University.

October 21: Jay Reed, "Albinovanus Pedo and the End of the World." University Seminar in Classical Civilization at Columbia University.

November 6: Stratis Papaioannou, "The Byzantine Reception of Psellos' Letters." Byzantine Workshop, Oxford University.

November 9: Johanna Hanink, "Plutarch as a Source for the Athenian Theater," Yale-Brown Meeting at Yale University.

February 10: Deborah Boedeker, "Sappho Old and New." Nicholson Museum in Sydney, Australia.

March: Pura Nieto, Classics Department, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

March 5-6: Stratis Papaioannou, Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Studies Colloquium, "The Boundaries of Byzantine Friendship."

April 14: Peter Scharf, "Preserving knowledge through media transitions: ushering the heritage of India into the digital age," Pattern Theory Seminar Series, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

April 28: David Konstan, Annual Lecture ("Telegoneia series"). Open University of Cyprus (Nicosia).

May: Mary Louise Gill, four seminars on "Philosophos: Plato's Missing Dialogue." Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.

July 8-9: Joseph Pucci, "Ambiguity and the Gift of Friendship in the Personal Poems of Venantius Fortunatus," at a conference entitled, "Reception and the Gift of Beauty in the Western Tradition," to be held at the Institute of Greece, Rome, and the Classical Tradition, University of Bristol, UK.



October 2: John Bodel, "Pushing Up Daisies: Cultivation and Cult in the Roman Tomb Garden." Keynote address for "Aere perennius: Memory and Posterity in Antiquity." Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland.

October 5: David Konstan, "Lucretius and the Epicurean Attitude toward Grief." University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio.

November 5-7: Deborah Boedeker, "Shady Pasts in Early Greek Lyric " Leventis Conference, "History without Historians: Greeks and their Past in the Archaic and Classical Age," University of Edinburgh.

November 11: Peter Scharf, “Preserving Knowledge Through Media Transitions: Ushering the Heritage of India into the Digital Age.“ Brown Faculty Year of India Presentations series, Anthropology Department, 128 Hope Street, Providence, Rhode Island.

November 12: Stratis Papaioannou, “The Rhetorical Aesthetics of Poikilia.” Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Studies Colloquium: “Light, Surface, Spirit: Phenomenology and Aesthetics in Byzantine Art