Past Events


"Shaping the Body for God", Lecture by Beatrice Caseau, Universite Paris-Sorbonne: Paris IV

"Divination in Augustine and Iamblichus", Lecture by Peter Struck, University of Pennsylvania

"Elephant of India", Lecture by Peter Fibiger Bang, Associate Professor, The Saxo Institute (Department of History), University of Copenhagen

Being Nobody?  Understanding Slavery Thirty Years After Slavery and Social Death, Conference by W. Scheidel, Stanford University and John Bodel Brown University

"Our Two Friends: The Making and Remaking of Liddell and Scott's Greek English Lexicon", Lecture by Christopher Stray, Institute of Classical Studies at the University of London

Graduate International Colloquium
"'Tales Told in a Tent': Ephemeral Experiences under the Komnenoi", Lecture by Margaret Mullett, Dumbarton Oaks 

46th Annual Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr. Memorial Lecture:
"Roman Diasporas and the Texture of Empire", Lecture by Nicholas Purcell, Oxford University 

"Breaking the Lyric Voice:  Sophocles' Choral Experiment", Lecture by Simon Goldhill, Cambridge University

"In the Same Winter: The Epitaphios Logos Project", Sponsored by Classics and Literary Arts

"Politics of the Imaginary: Politics and Propaganda and Byzantium", Lecture by Nikolaos Panou, Princeton University

 "Dream, Reality, and Rhesus' Death:  Il10.494-497",  Lecture by André Malta, University of São Paulo

 Grimshaw-Gudewicz Lecture:
"Mapping the Trojan Plain and Plotting the Greek Catalogue", Lecture By J. Strauss Clay, University of Virginia

"The Communism of Aristophanes' Assembly Women (Ecclesiazusae)"
, Lecture by Robert Tordoff, York University

"The Case of Abbott and Abbott, or:  Why Old Comedy Plays it Straight", Lecture by Stephen Kidd, Humboldt University

"The Semantics of Showcase in Herodotus' Histories"
, Lecture by Athena Kirk, Wellesley College

Some thoughts on text and textuality in early Greece, Lecture by Peter Agocs, University of Cambridge

"The Great Dionysia of 404 BCE", By Johanna Hanink, Brown University

“The Life and Afterlife of Constantine's Column”, Lecture by Bob Ousterhout, University of Pennsylvania

"King Antiochus of Sicily and the Political Aims of the First Sicilian Slave Rebellion" Lecture by Christer Bruun, Univ. of Toronto

"Julius Caesar:  I Came, I Saw, I Wrote", mini-conference on the writings of Caesar