Kelly Nguyen

Kelly Nguyen

Ancient History Entry Year: 2014

[email protected] Classical Receptions Journal: Article by Kelly Nguyen

Kelly received her B.A. from Stanford University in 2012 where she double majored in Archaeology and Classics (honors, highest distinction). Her dissertation, “Vercingetorix in Vietnam: Classical Inheritance and Vietnamese Ambivalence,” explores the negotiation of Western imperialism, as mediated by Greco-Roman antiquity, by French-educated Vietnamese communities from the late-19th to mid-20th century. By examining the racialization of Greco-Roman antiquity in tandem and in tension with Vietnamese interculturality, this project demonstrates how Vietnamese political and intellectual leaders used their Classical education to negotiate their changing identities and create spaces for themselves within their colonial reality—spaces that often conflicted with each other. Deviating from conventional Classical reception, this project does not argue for the creation of a new tradition, but rather the subversion and suppression of a Eurocentric Classical tradition. 

Kelly is a Cogut Graduate Fellow for 2020-2021. 


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