AP & Transfer Credit for Psychology

AP and IB credits do not carry concentration credit in the Psychology concentration.

Students with a score of 5 on the AP Psychology test or IB Psychology credit may replace CLPS 0010 with another CLPS foundation course, with justification and advisor permission. 

The department does not grant concentration credit for AP or IB Statistics, regardless of exam scores.  

Students requesting transfer credit, either from study abroad or from study at another U.S. institution, must submit their request via ASK.  A copy of the complete course syllabus must be provided with the request. A catalog description is not a sufficient substitute for a syllabus.

Upon receiving the request via ASK, the Psychology transfer credit advisor (currently Professor Simmons) will consult with the instructor(s) of the appropriate CLPS course for determining course equivalency.  Students must allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the approval process.

Students wishing preliminary approval for transfer credit should contact the transfer credit advisor with a copy of the complete course syllabus.

Final approval of transfer credit will be determined by the Dean's Office and Registrar, in compliance with grading policy and credit hour requirements.