Pros Graduate Students-Research

Social Psychology

Social cognition, theory of mind, moral judgment, perception of personality, person-situation interactions, self-image, social projection, intergroup perception, strategic behavior

Faculty: Boykin, FeldmanHall, Krueger, and Malle

Perception & Action

Computational, psychophysical and ecological approaches to the study of perceiving shape and motion, recognizing objects and scenes, processing auditory events, attention, perceptual learning, and controlling action.

Faculty: Domini, Festa, Serre, Song, Simmons, Warren, Watanabe, Welch


In human and animal models, visual attention, learning and memory, causal reasoning, pretend play, language, perception.

Faculty: Buchsbaum, Feiman, Festa, Heindel, Morgan, Sobel

Higher-Level Cognition

Human memory, learning, and cognitive control; inductive inference, causal reasoning, and decision-making; moral reasoning, social cognition and theory of mind and their development.

Faculty: Badre, Buchsbaum, Feiman, FeldmanHall, Festa, Frank, Heindel, Krueger, Malle, Shenhav, Sloman, Sobel, Spoehr

Cognitive Neuroscience

The neural basis of cognitive functions such as attention, perception, learning, memory, emotional regulation, executive control, decision making, language.

Faculty: Badre, Burwell, FeldmanHall, Festa, Frank, Heindel, Serre, Shenhav, Song, Watanabe