Scott AnderBois


Scott AnderBois earned his PhD from the Dept. of Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz in 2011, joining the Brown CLPS faculty in 2013. His research explores issues in semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces including primary fieldwork on Yucatec Maya (an indigenous language of Mexico) and A'ingae (an indigenous language of Ecuador and Colombia). Within this area, much of AnderBois's research focuses on precisely characterizing the ways different sentence types (statements, questions, etc.) are used in discourse, the mix of pragmatic inference and compositional semantics responsible for this range of uses, and the ways different constructions and morphemes such as evidentials, quotatives, and miratives impact this, both compositionally and pragmatically. In addition, AnderBois is co-director of a community-engaged language documentation project working together with community members in Ecuador.


  • CLPS1370 Pragmatics
  • CLPS1331 Linguistic Variation and Universals
  • CLPS1390 Linguistic Field Methods

Office Hours: 

Thursday 2-3pm, Friday 1-2pm and by appointment