Speaker Series: "The Linguistic Expression of Racial and Ethnic Identity"

A series of 6 talks throughout the academic year, sponsored by the CV Starr Foundation Lectureship Fund, The Department of Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences, The. Center for Latin American and Carribean Studies, The Program in Judaic Studies, and The Department of African Studies with additional support from the Department of Anthropology and the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America.   Open to all.  All talks will be held on Tuesdays at 4 pm. in Friedman Auditorium. For detailed information of the speakers and dates, please see our Events page.

2021-2022 Speakers

November 9: Sharese King, University of Chicago: A variationist's approach to complicating identity categories in sociolinguistics

November 30: Amelia Tseng, American University and Smithsinian: "They talk just like an African American kid, and if you hear their Spanish, it's worse": Racholinguistic ideologies in Latinx migration and multilingual repertoires

March 15: Rachel Steindel Burdin, University of New Hampshire: "But I don't do that anymore, because I live in Maine": Exploring language, place, and Jewish identity in New England and beyond

March 22: Nicté Fuller Medina, Swartmore College: Nation, State and Race: Acts of Identity in Mutilingual Belize

April 19: Sabriya Fisher, Wellesley College: Innovation and social stratification in AAE negation

April 26: Minh Nguyen, Amazon: Place, Memory, and Disaporic Identities in Everyday Vietnamese Family Discourse