Welcome to Business Careers Advising

Business Careers Advising, is a collaboration between the the College and the Center for Career Exploration, based on comprehensive online resources, information sessions and workshops, internship and job recruitment, and individual advising. We encourage all Brown students and recent alumni interested in business careers and education to explore these resources and connect.

This website is the most comprehensive resource. It addresses two separate but connected areas- exploring careers and graduate programs in business. On the experiential side, it outlines some of the most clearly defined fields of business of particular interest to students or recent alumni looking for internships and jobs. On the academic side, the website presents valuable information about a variety of graduate programs and special summer programs, and connects you with resources that help you reflect on your choice of educational pursuits. It also helps you understand and manage the application process to MBA and other business programs. Consider and explore the following carefully before you commit to business as a neducational or professional trajectory:

  • Engage in continuous self-reflection about your educational and career goals
  • Accrue substantive internship and work experience to inform your choices and establish your credentials
  • Connect with professionals in the business fields of interest to you
  • Explore graduate study options broadly
  • Consult with current and past business students about their experience, motivations, and assessment of the value of their degrees.

The Business Careers Roadmap page orients you through the rest of this website and guides your exploration and self-reflection. We invite you to consult the website in detail, to participate in programs arranged by various campus departments, and to meet with counselors in the Center for Career Exploration.