Here we will post links and useful information on COVID-19 topics of greatest interest to pre-business students and alumni. We encoruage you to consult the websites of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and the programs that interest you often as you develop your business school application plans. 

Business Schools COVID-19 Application Process Updates 

GMAC are collecting input from individual business schools about any changes to the timing or details of their application processes caused by COVID-19. A very helpful list of these details is posted on the website. GMAC will continue to regularly update this page with the latest information they receive directly from schools as they respond to the COVID-19 situation. You can find specific information for many programs in the “COVID-19 Update” section at the top of each participating program in Program Finder. 


The official GMAC Advisor blog can be a good resource of information about trends in business school plans and application trends in the coming months. 



  • As of April 20th GMAC are offering the GMAT Online temporarily (at present April 20 through June 15). Due to thefluidity of the current situation, check the GMAC website often about exam details ahead of your planned date. All details about the temporary GMAT Online are on the GMAC website.
  • As of mid April ETS has expanded the availability of at home testing for the GRE General Test to everywhere the computer-delivered GRE General Test is normally available, with the exception of Mainland China and Iran. All the relevant details about the GRE Genreal Test are on the ETS website

Courses and Grades

Developments at Brown

On March 25, Brown announced new academic policies for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, which you can consult in detail here

  • Mandatory S/NC is fine for your business school application plans. If a course you are taking this semester converted to mandatory S/NC there will be a transcript notation that indicates if your initial intention had been to complete it for a grade. 
  • As you have the option to select a grade or S/NC by 5pm EDT on May 1st, consider this in context. Admission offices would understand if you get a grade or two that are lower than you hoped this semester. Generally, business schools have no concerns about a few elective S/NC courses throughout your 4 years in college and they would be flexible with grades from the spring 2020 semester. Keep in mind also that students nationally and internationally may have experienced similar hardships this semester. Admission committees look for substantive practical experience as well as GMAT/GRE scores and letters of recommendation so they will keep academic records from spring 2020 in context. Typically most business school applicants take one or more years before applying- your work experience will matter more than a grade or two.