Meet the CRCers

Peggy Chang, CRC Director & Associate Dean of the College

Office Hours: Fall 2017: Mondays 1-4pm & Wednesdays 9:30am-12pm, or email to request an appointment for a different time.

Where’s home? Warwick, RI

I concentrated in American civilization (now called American studies); A.M. in Public Humanities

I chose my concentration because after taking courses like History of American Women and Asian American History since 1890, I realized how much more I needed to learn about the history and culture of the United States, and about myself.

On campus, I am also Associate Dean of the College.

My favorite place to study is Campus Center 226 (my office) and my favorite place to hang out is Swan Point Cemetery (off of Blackstone Blvd.)--OK, maybe not to "hang out" there, but to go on a walk and contemplate the meaning of life. Also, I like the RISD Museum.

The best class I took at Brown was History of American Women, and the Civil Rights Movement.

I like to advise about choosing a concentration, life after Brown, Careers in the Common Good, transitions, the meaning of it all.

A formative college experience for me was taking time off — living in San Francisco then living in Providence, both places working at a regional theater company.

 My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to make building a community of support a priority — learning is relational; and, don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

Julianna Bradley '17.5, Leavetaking Co-Coordinator

Office Hours: M 10:30am–2pm, T 10:30am–12pm & 4–6pm, Th 10:30am–12pm; email

Where’s home? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

I'm concentrating in Anthropology

I chose my concentration because I wanted to examine climate change and agriculture, but from a deeply human perspective, complicating all assumptions and challenging the way I think about the world and my place in it. 

On campus, I am also a TA for Urban Agriculture!

My favorite place to study is Leung Gallery and the third floor of the rock facing Downtown Providence and my favorite place to hang out is the GCB or the Rock climbing gym!

The best class I’ve taken at Brown is Religion Gone Wild with Mark Cladis and The Anthropology of Climate Change with Dana Graef

I like to advise about the discomfort of deciding to take a leave, formulating a leave that works best for each student, and how to make the transition back to campus as powerful as possible.

A formative college experience for me was deciding to take a leave. The decision itself shaped most of my experience with Brown.

My advice for freshmen and sophomores is look at college as a transient experience, continually changing. Every week something shifts, so be okay with dealing with that unknown. 

  • Matthew Dang '17.5, Leavetaking Co-Coordinator


    Office Hours: W 3–6pm, Th 9–10am; email

    Where’s home? Complicated

     I'm concentrating in Psychology & TAPS (Writing for Performance)

     I chose my concentration because I want to know why people do what they do.

     On campus, I am also a BUMP Conflict Resolution Coach

     My favorite place to study is the CRC or BCSC and my favorite place to hang out is my room, or walking around Providence.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is TAPS0930E: The Actor's Instrument: Clown

     I like to advise about being Southeast Asian, the first generation college experience, mental health and academics, balancing academic and social life, family, repairing bicycles, men, Parks and RecreationKingdom Hearts, manga & graphic Novels. And leavetaking, of course.

     A formative college experience for me was failures and losses. Also, I learned how to cook.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack.

    Alicia DeVos '18, Digital Archives & Media Co-Coordinator
    Alicia DeVosAlicia DeVos
  • Office Hours: W 12–1:30pm & 2–3pm, Th 9am–12pm; email

    Where’s home? Johnson City, TN

    I'm concentrating in computer science.

    I chose my concentration because I like problem solving, communication, and design.

    On campus, I am also a coordinator of the Catholic community and the copy chief for Post- Magazine.

    My favorite place to study is Leung and my favorite place to hang out is the quiet green

    The best classes I’ve taken at Brown are CSCI0220: Discrete Structures and Probability and ENGL1050J: Multimedia Nonfiction.

     I like to advise about being lost and not knowing what you're doing! (I have a lot of experience.)

     A formative college experience for me was shopping CSCI0170 - I'd never coded or really heard of computer science before Brown, and now I'm concentrating in it!

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to stay positive and enthusiastic!

  • Sierra Edd '18, Independent Studies Co-Coordinator
    Sierra EddSierra Edd

    Office Hours: M 1–2pm, T 10am–12pm, W 11am–12pm, Th 12–2pm, F 12–1pm; email

    Where’s home? Durango, Colorado

     I'm concentrating in Ethnic Studies

     I chose my concentration because Ethnic Studies at Brown allows me to have a dynamic, interdisciplinary path which is both flexible and challenging. At the heart of doing scholarship in Ethnic Studies is the connection from the class to community. My research and scholarship in Ethnic studies is able to function as a way to care for Native people when they are neglected by outside entities during times of need.

     On campus, I am also involved in the Native Americans at Brown (NAB) student group, and a graphic designer for the Brown Center for Students of Color.

     My favorite place to study is The Sarah Doyle Women’s Center with a cup of coffee.  

     I like to advise about Navigating interdisciplinary concentrations (Visual Arts and Humanities in particular) and finding campus resources as a low-income, Native student.

     A formative college experience for me was Making amazing friends who are willing to pile into small Subaru when you’re craving Sonic.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is Follow your passions and don’t be afraid of asking for help from older students or professors.

    Hana Estice '19, Digital Archives & Media Co-Coordinator

    Office Hours: T 1–3pm, Th 2–4pm, F 12-3pm; email

     Where’s home? Columbus, Ohio

     I'm concentrating in Urban Studies

     I chose my concentration because Looking at the list of required classes made me excited!

     On campus, I am also Art Director at WBRU and Co-Director of Reel Features

     My favorite place to study is Starbucks late at night and my favorite place to hang out is the quiet green

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is Crime and the City

     I like to advise about overcoming homesickness. I also love to teach others how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere!

     A formative college experience for me was My summer job after freshman year. I worked in Massachusettes and it was the first time I felt like I had created a home away from home. I returned to Brown for my sophomore year with lots of energy and excitement!

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is It's okay if Brown isn't immediately a life-changing or transformative experience. Just keep doing things that you like and talking to people you connect with. 

    Alana Felton '19, Global Independent Studies Coordinator

    Office Hours: M 1–4pm, T 5–6pm, F 3–4pm

    Where’s home? Reedsville, Pennsylvania

     I'm concentrating in Slavic Studies

     I chose my concentration because  I fell in love with Russian language and literature during my first semester at Brown. I want to understand how literature, religion and culture interact in Russia.

     On campus, I am also Office Assistant at the Department of Slavic Studies, the leader of the Slavic Studies DUG, and a leader in Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).

     My favorite place to study is at my off-campus apartment or in Marston Hall.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is RUSS1019, Russian Women’s Writing, although my GLISP is a very close second!

     I like to advise about how to create a GLISP that will make study abroad experiences even more amazing!

     A formative college experience for me was studying abroad in Russia and realizing that I am way more resilient and outgoing than I thought.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to take a class on a whim that interests you but that you never saw yourself taking. Often these classes end up being not only the most enjoyable but also the most eye-opening. We often don’t know ourselves as well as we think we do, and it’s always good to surprise yourself with your ability to overcome new challenges and discover new passions.


    Ruth Foster '19, Independent Concentrations Co-Coordinator
    Ruth FosterRuth Foster

    Office Hours: M 11:30am-12pm, T 1-2pm, W 12-2pm, Th 12-2pm, F 12-2pm; or email

    Where’s home?  Saint Paul, Minnesota

     I'm concentrating in Bioethics!

     I chose my concentration because I'm interested in the relationship between technology, philosophy, and lived experience.

     On campus, I am also a Meiklejohn and a volunteer with the Rhode Island Urban Debate League!

     My favorite place to study is the Rock and my favorite place to hang out is on the Main Green or at home.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is a tie between PHIL 0060: Modern Science and Human Values and HIST 1260: Death from Medieval Relics to Forensic Science.

     I like to advise about a variety of topics! Most of my job at the CRC is talking about the Independent Concentration process, but I'm also happy to talk with you about making how to make the most of the open curriculum or build relationships with professors.

     A formative college experience for me was learning how to say "No" when I didn't have the time (or interest) to add something else to my plate. Doing this has given me the opportunity to spend more time working on things that I'm really excited about. 

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to be patient with yourself — don't expect to have all the answers right away. It's okay to have moments (or even prolonged periods of time) where you feel some uncertainty about how you want to spend your time during (and after) Brown. During these times, don't be afraid to lean on peers and mentors for guidance.

    Yuna Hur '18, DUGs & TiA Co-Coordinator

    Office Hours: M 9–11am, W 9–11am, Th 12–2pm; email

    Where’s home?  Long Island

     I'm concentrating in Cognitive Science and Education Studies

     I chose my concentration because  I'm interested in different cognitive processes and what that looks like across real-world contexts. I have found my coursework in the CLPS department and EDUC department, respectively, to both complement and challenge certain topics, and I appreciate the opportunities to approach things from multiple points of view, as well as reflect upon my own experiences.

     On campus, I am also a DIAP undergrad rep in the Education Dept. and CLPS Dept., peer mentor for MAPS (matched advising program for sophomores), Brown Brain Bee teacher, Brown Meditation Community member, Active Minds member, and heelys with Bears on Wheels.

     My favorite place to study is my room or the CLPS building and my favorite place to hang out is RISD Museum.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is EDUC1700: The Asian American Experience in Higher Education.

     I like to advise about developing an organized and balanced schedule, concentration declaration, goal-setting.

     A formative college experience for me was having experiences as a varsity athlete and now having opportunities to explore other BEARy awesome aspects of Brown.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is keep a journal and try to write something each day. You'll be able to look back in future years and reflect/laugh/cry about your experiences as an underclassman.

  • Victoria Huynh '19, FIRe Coordinator
    Victoria HuynhVictoria Huynh

    Office Hours: T 1–5pm, F 9am–2pm; email

    Where’s home?  San Diego, California

     I'm concentrating in Ethnic Studies.

     I chose my concentration because  I come from a community of Vietnamese refugees/immigrants impacted by wars in Southeast Asia. Ethnic Studies is my way of exploring questions about my family history  and how it ties into issues like U.S. empire, militariam, colonializm, and environmental justice. Ethnic Studies also emphasizes the resilience and survival of oppressed communities, and helps me imagine and work towards a better world.

     On campus, I am also a former BCSC staffer (MPC '19 and Asian American Student Initiative Coordinator) and frequenter of the BCSC/SDWC. I also train in kung fu, hang out with folks in BASE & VSA, and volunteer with Providence Youth Student Movement, a Southeast Asian grassroots organization.

     My favorite place to study is my room or any empty room in Sayles, Smith-Buannano, or the John Nicholas Brown Center and my favorite place to hang out is the Brown Center for Students of Color and the Sarah Doyle Women's Center.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is AMST1700D: Race and Remembering with Professor Bob Lee and Professor Monica Martinez.

     I like to advise about being a student of color or child of immigrants/refugees, navigating Brown, finding your passions, and integrating academics with social justice. Also applying to fellowships, research opportunities, and pockets of money at Brown, and making those accessible to students of color, first gen & low income students, and undocumented students. I have experience with the Mellon Mays Fellowship, Royce Fellowship, & UTRA (etc.) and I love hearing people talk about their ideas and working to make them happen.

     A formative college experience for me was dropping premed by the end of my freshman year. That required me to be honest with myself and think about how I could use my education to give back to others. Now, I want to get my Ph.D. so I can teach and research on Southeast Asian & refugee issues in ways that benefit grassroots organizers and oppressed communities.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is keep a list of the things that are most important to you. When I'm feeling overwhelmed or dejected or facing failure, I think about what really matters overall: my family, my communities, my commitments to making things better for other people in the ways that I can. Think about who or what is important to you, and let those guide you where you need to be.

    Dorothy Jiang '19, Independent Concentrations Co-Coordinator
    Dorothy JiangDorothy Jiang

    Office Hours: M 11:30-12pm, T 10-12pm, W 11-1pm, Th 10-12pm; email

    Where’s home?  Seattle, WA

     I'm concentrating in Intersectional Mental Health

     I chose my concentration because I wanted to explore how mental health and illness operate on a broader societal level that combines disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, public health, and many others. Different people of different backgrounds and identities experience mental health differently.

     My favorite place to study is the second floor of RI Hall, and my favorite place to hang out is the Faunce piano room and anywhere outside.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is LITR 0710: Writers on Writing (an FYS during my first semester at Brown)--we read so many fascinating novels, short stories, and collections of poems, and we met all of the authors!  

     I like to advise about the open curriculum, ideas about independent concentrations, and existing at Brown in general

     A formative college experience for me was talking with fellow people of color in my first semester about our racial identities as they exist in a PWI and in the Western world at large.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is try not to be afraid to explore interests you may not have experience in. And be sure to take time to take care of yourself, relax, and enjoy!

    Nicole Martinez ‘18, Indy Studies Co-Coordinator

    Office Hours: M 3–6pm, Th 12–2pm; email

    Where’s home? (the suburbs of) Miami, FL

     I'm concentrating in Literary Arts and Political Science

     I chose my concentration because I’ve always loved reading and watching movies and television shows. Like, really really love. It kinda goes beyond just binge-watching entire tv seasons in one weekend (although it definitely goes there) and I can name at least two dozen shows and movies that have had a significant impact on my life. Definitely enough to make me want to write some of my own stuff. I haven’t been able to connect my two concentrations in the way I want to just yet, but I’ve always been fascinated between the relationship that fictional media has on societal norms and vice versa.

     On campus, I am also a member of the Shakespeare on the Green theatre board, writer and social media editor for The Rib, writer and actor for Skorts sketch comedy group, writer for the Brown Noser, and frequent visitor of the sci li’s third floor.

     My favorite place to study is the Sci Li and Faunce and my favorite place to hang out is the Blue Room and my #suite.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is COLT 0510:The 1001 Nights. I took this the second semester of my freshman year and it’s easily one of the classes I most looked forward to going to! I’m also taking and advanced screenwriting class and a war in film and literature course now that are looking pretty swell.

     I like to advise about balancing extra-curriculars with academic responsibilities, comedy writing, choosing a concentration, interested in concentrations that can be deemed as ‘soft’, feeling socially lost, getting involved in the theatre community.

     A formative college experience for me was having my first Adult job ever. And joining Shakespeare on the Green, since that’s where I found all my friends.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is don’t feel pressured to stress to immediately find the perfect niche or community here. You don’t need to know your concentration right away or make lifelong friends with your freshman roommate to have a fulfilling experience here.

    Linda Medina ‘18, Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS) Coordinator (away Fall '17)

  • Office Hours: (abroad Fall 2017)



    Where’s home? Queens, New York

     I'm concentrating in Public Policy and Ethnic Studies

     I chose my concentration because I am interested in examining the policies regarding immigration within the United Studies. Especially, exploring how the U.S mistreats and excludes non-citizens. Furthermore, using a historical perspective of the fluidity and volatility of the term citizen . I care deeply about defending the human rights of refugees, displaced, and undocumented people. By uplifting forgotten histories/narratives and learning more regarding the nature of our legislative system, I believe we can hold policymakers accountable for upholding universal human rights to everyone regardless of status.

     On campus, I am also a Minority Recruitment Intern at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, a member of the BRUIN club, a member of the Brown Immigrants Rights Coalition, and a Brown tour guide for community-based organizations. Previously, I was a Minority Recruitment Intern and participated in BEAM and La Alianza.

     My favorite place to study is the John Hay library and my favorite place to hang out is Faunce.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is PLCY1701: Immigration: The Imaginaries of Race, Space, and Nation

     I like to advise about how to navigate the open curriculum for underclassmen, the first-generation college student experience at Brown, and how to survive the sophomore slump.

     A formative college experience for me was being able to be a research assistant for my professor.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to be yourself and be accepting of changes. Also, I would encourage everyone to be willing to ask for help when you need it, as it is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of courage. Lastly, learn how to practice self-care as your well-being and happiness always come first!

    Meg Mori ‘17, AM '18, MAPS Co-Coordinator (fall) & Pathways Coordinator (spring)

    Office Hours: T 3–6pm, Th 3–6pm



    Where’s home? Columbus, Ohio

     I'm concentrating in Health & Human Biology

     I chose my concentration because I think the scientific study of life is made more complete by also examining the social environment and factors that go in to shaping a life.

     On campus, I am also a WiSE (mega)/mentor, Camp Kesem coordinator and HHB DUG leader.

     My favorite place to study is the Rock and my favorite place to hang out is Coffee Exchange, Starbucks, basically anywhere with caffeine.

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is UNIV0540: Introduction to Contemplative Studies

     I like to advise about choosing/developing plans within a concentration, adjustment to college, academic research and opportunities to get involved on campus.

     A formative college experience for me was failing and learning how to use those experiences to grow; meeting people who expanded my view of the world.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to be open to new things but also take time to think about what is really important to you and what you want to dedicate time towards.

  • Emma Radmilovic ‘18 Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS) Coordinator

    Office Hours: T 3–5pm, Th 3–5pm, F 11am–12pm

    Where’s home? South Wales, UK

     I'm concentrating in Comparative Literature and History

     I chose my concentration because I've always had a passion for literature and languages, and this concentration allows me to explore both.

     On campus, I am also a board member for Shakespeare on the Green and a member of SPEC

     My favorite place to study is the Rock reading room and my favorite place to hang out is the Blue Room

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is CLAS0900: Greek Mythology

     I like to advise about Sophomore experience, the MAPS program

     A formative college experience for me was my first theatre performance, I was so nervous but it was amazing!

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is cast your net wide when it comes to friends and experiences, make sure you try something new every semester

    Alexis Rodriguez-Camacho ‘18 DUG and TiA Co-Coordinator

    Office Hours: T 9am–12pm, F 2–5pm

    Where’s home? Watsonville, CA 

     I'm concentrating in Urban Studies and Anthropology

     I chose my concentration because I'm interested in the formation and development of communities and these concentrations looks at the same topic from different sides. Urban Studies offers a practical understanding of urban development and Anthropology explores culture and social structure of society. 

     On campus, I am also President of First-Gens @ Brown

     My favorite place to study and hang out is the BCSC

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is ETHN1750: Immigrant Social Movements 

     I like to advise about being a first-generation college student, bridging family and home, navigating the open curriculum.

     A formative college experience for me was late nights talking with friends eagerly talking about concepts and theoretical underpinnings it was/is academic curiosity at its finest.

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is to be truthful with yourself. Whether you need help or are unsure about pursuing something you're passionate about, step 1 is naming, recognizing, and understanding what it is you want to do.

    Alex Vidmar '18, Independent Concentrations Co-Coordinator

    Office Hours: M 11:30am-12pm, 4pm-6pm, W 4pm-6pm; email

    Where’s home? Aurora, Colorado. Providence is a home to me too!

     I'm double concentrating in Western Esoteric Studies and Renaissance & Early Modern Studies

     I chose my concentration because I knew I wanted to explore the intersections of religion and science in order to better understand how people from different cultural backgrounds think about the nature of the universe and produce knowledge.

     On campus, I am also Student Manager at the IT Service Center, on the Student Conduct Board, and a debate coach with the Rhode Island Urban Debate League

     My favorite place to study is either my beautiful room in Grad Center or my special thesis carrel in the Rock basement

     The best class I’ve taken at Brown is ARCH 0676 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Scalawags, Sailors, and Slaves. Though the best class I’ve ever taken on College Hill was Intro to Photography at RISD

     I like to advise about how to take full-advantage of the Open Curriculum and truly get a liberal arts education

     A formative college experience for me was making new friends and deciding to declare my own concentration. But then again, it really feels like every single day at Brown is formative!

     My advice for freshmen and sophomores is not to limit yourself. Be sure to get engaged in doing things you actually enjoy doing rather than things you feel like you should be doing. Take classes you love to be in, join activities you love doing, and you’re guaranteed to meet people you will love. Don't end up feeling like this!

    Gap year advising team:  Danielle Handler '18