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Class of 2023:

  • Jason Brown, Black Spectulative Arts and Afrofuturism, AB
  • Aaron Castillo, Food and Identity, AB
  • Kira K. Clarke, Imagination (Cognition, Computation, and Expression), ScB
  • Izzy Cox, Human Rights and the Refugee Experience, AB
  • Caroline David, Human-Centered Design, AB
  • Reetam Ganguli, Cancer Engineering in Medicine, ScB
  • Nicolás Gascón, Critical Theory, AB
  • Kaitlin Goldin, Storytelling, AB
  • Rachel Huynh, Food and Culture in US American Society, AB
  • John Lin, Health Systems and Policy, AB
  • Emily Moini, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, AB
  • Alex Purdy, Identity, Being, and Otherness, AB
  • Davi Sapiro-Gheiler, The Body: Trans Studies, Aesthetic Culture, and Creative Practice
  • Sojas Wagle, Psychiatric Epidemiology, ScB
  • Lila Zimbalist, Computational Neuroscience, ScB

Class of 2023. 5:

  • Zoe Fuad '23.5, Cyberculture and Digital Communities, AB
  • Kaitlyn Hall '23.5, Indigenous Anarchism, AB
  • Eliza Noxon '23.5, Interdisciplinary Artistic Studies, AB

Class of 2024:

  • Jennora Blair '24, Storytelling/Narrative Studies, AB 
  • Sierra Bornheim '24, Human Evolution, AB
  • Pilar McDonald '24, Caregiving and Care Infrastructure in the U.S., AB
  • Juliana Merullo '24, Food and Community, AB
  • Hyunjee (Erica) Nam '24, Food, Media, and Culture, AB
  • Meg Nesi '24, Environmental Humanities and Policy, AB
  • Chinazo Onyema'24, Infectious Disease and Economic Development, AB
  • Cecile Schreidah '24, Infectious Epidemiology, ScB
  • Jeffrey Tao '24, Human-Computer Interaction, ScB
  • Ben Wendelstadt '24, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, AB

Class of 2025:

  • Jay Gopal '25, Computational Neuroscience, ScB
  • Camy Kimura '25, Digital Health, ScB
  • Myles Ringel '25, Empathy in Practice, AB


Class of 2022 [link forthcoming]

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