Concentration Declaration Day

Concentration Declaration Day (CDD) is a new campus-wide tradition which began last year, aimed at celebrating an important milestone in the life of every Brown undergraduate--declaring a concentration and formally joining an academic community.

During Spring 2017, 44 concentrations hosted an event in April or May, either in a space in their department building or elsewhere on campus.

The CDD events ranged in format (casual drop-in or formal program with speakers). However you choose to run it, your event should focus on bringing together new concentrators, professors, and upperclassmen for one-on-one mixing a mingling, and giving new concentrators a chance to learn more about pathways for engagement within the concentration (research opportunities, seminars, etc.).


  • CDD began in the spring of 2016 and has become an annual campus-wide tradition aiming to acknowledge and celebrate one of many milestones in the life of every Brown undergraduate student: declaring a concentration and formally joining an academic community.


  • To foster a stronger sense of academic community within the concentration
  • To increase the visibility and approachability of faculty members and current concentrators
  • To connect new concentrators with members in the concentration and learn about pathways for students to be actively engaged within the concentration

More Information

  • In CDD's first year (spring 2016), 23 concentrations hosted events in April or May
  • Last spring (2017), 44 concentrations hosted events, and we hope more concentrations will consider participating in CDD this upcoming spring (2018)
  • Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), concentration advisors, faculty, and DUG leaders are encouraged to be creative in envisioning what the events will look like, where the event will take place, and how the event activities and organization fall under the three key goals of CDD.

What do DUS, concentrations advisors, faculty, and DUG leaders hope for new concentrators to get out of the event?

What resources can be shared with new concentrators during this event?