Departmental Undergraduate Groups (DUGs)

What is a DUG?

Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG) is a group of concentrators that aims to create a sense of community within an academic department. DUGs help students make and strengthen connections with other concentrators, professors, and concentrator alums; provide a means for first- and second-year students to explore various concentrations; and enable concentrators to explore potential career opportunities related to their disciplines.

Funding proposals are due on October 15. Read the DUG leader tip sheet for more details.  DUG student leaders and the DUG faculty sponsor must submit their proposal via UFUNDS.

What do DUGS do?

DUGs organize events ranging from study breaks for concentrators, lunches or teas with faculty members, field trips to relevant sites (such as museums or documentary screenings), panels with guest speakers, workshops with alumni, capstone/thesis celebrations, movie nights, and more! (For help with event planning, visit the SAO Event Planning Guide or email the DUG Coordinators at

 How do I get involved with a DUG?

There are many DUGs on campus representing a broad number of concentrations. First, check the Focal Point website to see if your department has a DUG with a website--DUG student leaders are listed in the lower right-hand corner of the concentration's description. If a DUG doesn’t exist in your department, you should start one yourself!

DUGs Learning Goals:

  • Facilitate building relationships among prospective concentrators, current concentrators, and faculty within an academic community across campus.
  • Highlight undergraduate interdisciplinary and personal academic experiences through diverse and innovative student-centered means.