DUG Funding

Available Funding

Each DUG is eligible for annual funding of up to $200 - $1,400 in total funds: a dollar amount from a concentration or department will be matched by an equal amount from The College. (A DUG's total budget is 50% from the concentration, and 50% from The College.) To apply for funds, the group must have at least one student leader, a faculty sponsor, and a list of activities to be funded for the year.

How to receive funds

A DUG student leader must submit a budget proposal listing planned events and a rationale for expenses no later than October 22, 2019 via UFunds. The DUG's faculty advisor must also submit an endorsement via UFUNDS that confirms that the department will provide matching funds for the DUG and includes the departmental account number. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

The UFunds application will by available by September 23, 2019.  Look for the "DUG Proposals" tab, and then for the 2019-20 grant period after the funding description.

Requirements for receiving funds

Every DUG is expected to hold at least one-two events each semester, or about four per academic year. The Curricular Resource Center can assist DUGs with the planning and implementation of these events. Please consult Peggy Chang, Director of the CRC, or Poom Pipatjarasgit '21 or Aryana Javaheri '20, DUG Co-Coordinators, to plan your DUG events.

Once your funding application is reviewed and approved by Peggy Chang at the CRC, the primary contact for your DUG (faculty sponsor and/or department manager) will receive notification of the approval, and the transfer of funds.

For DUG leaders, they must work with their DUG faculty sponsor and/or department manager to access their fund for programming and events (e.g., for food, posters, swag, honoriariums, etc.).  Your department manager can help you understand how best to access your approved funds.