Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We recognize that Brown's Open Curriculum may not feel as open for some of us--indeed, taking academic risks, as the Curriculum encourages us to do, is a concept we at the CRC hope to unpack for ourselves and others.


We envision a learning environment at the CRC--and at Brown--where all students regardless of race, gender expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, college-generation status, religious affiliation, nationality, citizenship status, or physical/emotional/cognitive learning ability feel supported, thrive, and can develop their capacities to fully engage with Brown's Open Curriculum and with their own unique learning process, in preparing to be scholars, leaders and citizens in our own communities and of the world.

Peer advising about the Open Curriculum:  

Having commemorated the CRC’s 40th Anniversary during 2016-2017, we would like to continue to reflect on these questions during our events over the course of the year:  What conception of freedom does the curriculum presuppose, and what effect does the expectation that students be the architects of their education have on the student-scholar and on the greater Brown community today?  What does good teaching and advising look like when we place a large onus on student initiative? What conception of knowledge does the Open Curriculum promote, and in what ways have we fulfilled or fallen short of cultivating a dynamic, innovative and interdisciplinary academic culture?  Given the changing demographic of the undergraduate student body, how might the Curriculum itself become even more open to and accommodating of the diversity of student needs and interests? 

Guiding Principles:  

We value self- and group-introspection; collaboration amongst ourselves and with other units on campus; friendly critiques in our advising practice and in our work with one another; learning as a process of discovery and growth; ongoing reflection about our practice as educators, program coordinators and peer advisors; sustainability of our programs and events.