Diversity & Inclusion Plan

Progress updated June 2018:

Desired Outcomes/ Objectives/ Measurable Goals


#1 -- representation


Recruit, hire and train a staff who is diverse and acts with intention to be inclusive in their peer advising and program management practice. 

Provide staff opportunities for learning about time management and practicing self-care.

#2 -- awareness / process


Ensure the accessibility of our programs, events, and office culture, by collaborating/liaising with other units; reflecting on our practice; and tracking participation / usage via quantitative and qualitative/nuanced measures of evaluation.

#3 -- contribution


Offer ongoing workshops-conversations for groups of students to learn about and reflect on the meaning of a Brown education and the open curriculum, in order to participate in a larger advising system that works to ensure the success of all undergraduates.

#4 -- influence


In light of the DIAP process ongoing within academic departments, proactively inform the Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) about the CRC’s role in supporting the formulation of independent studies and in training the DUG leaders.

Action Plan

Highlight diversity and inclusion priorities and practices in the CRC staff job descriptions. DONE/ongoing

Build a robust training module for fall and spring semester, and for weekly staff meetings--training includes bringing in experts to pre-semester training and weekly staff meetings, providing relevant readings, etc.


To help guard against burnout, provide time management tools and opportunities for self-care / renewal.


Assign all CRC staffers to liaise with a program or office. DONE/ongoing

Structure the FIRe Coordinator’s work so that it is explicitly focused on outreach to students from underrepresented groups. DONE / ongoing


Offer orientation event about the open curriculum and successfully navigating it with Academic Support, and Meiklejohn leadership. DONE/ongoing

Offer session on navigating the open curriculum for New Scientist Program (Catalyst pre-orientation program).



Host DIAP conversation about doing an independent concentration, focusing on perceived barriers. Focus groups held Spring 2018 at BCSC, FLi Center, and International Student Lounge.

Encourage CRC staffers to hold reflective discussions 1-2x month on topics such as creating a 4-year plan, concentrations and careers, community interpretations of success, etc. ON HOLD/determined to be difficult to implement & sustain.

Structure MAPS so that mentors & mentees are organized into pods; offer monthly conversations about combating sophomore slump and learning how to thrive.


Collaborate with Randall Advisors on a reflection series for second semester freshmen. DONE Spring 2017 ("Pathways"); will integrate programming into MAPS for 2018-19.

Organize TiA so that underclassmen are strongly encouraged to attend; hold a reception for underclassmen at TiA. DONE / ongoing

Integrate this goal into the CRC’s 40th anniversary celebration. DONE

Message in publications, on website, at DUS lunches and in DUS emails. DONE / ongoing re: DUGs and Concentration Declaration Day


In Spring 2018, DUG leaders met with Pres. Paxson to discuss DUG role in DIAP process within academic departments.