What is a fellowship?
A fellowship is a opportunity that comes in different forms. It is usually a funded program, and sometimes the program includes a mentoring component. Fellowships can foster your academic, career, or personal interests in a way that would let you utilize your interests outside the Brown classroom.
Types of fellowships:
Brown designated research grants provide financial awards, usually for the pursuit of individual research on a topic you are interested in. This research is usually done with a Brown faculty member or could be done with other institutions.
Non-Brown research grants are similar to Brown-designated research grants, but are usually associated with another university, institution or program. This non-Brown institution will be providing the resources (usually money, housing, or stipends) for you to complete your academic research project.
Study abroad, international exchange, and international fellowships can be in a form of a scholarship or grant to do individual research, an opportunity to enroll in a graduate program, creating a program abroad, volunteering and working abroad, or completing a semester abroad with some support from an institution, program or university.
Check out the CRC database for an up-to-date sample list of Brown-supported fellowships.