The Application Process

So, you've decided on applying for fellowship, or a research grant, or Brown LINK award for unpaid or low-paying summer internships... Now what? 
  1. Plan for the deadlines!  You need to know when things are due so you are able to plan ahead for materials you might need to collect for the FIRe opportunity.  Get organized!
  2. Talk to someone about the application!  Deans, faculty, staff, and fellow students are wonderful sources of help. For more resources, please see the FIRe main page.
  3. Collect Letters of Recommendation and Letters of Support.
  4. Talk to someone to check in and see where you are in the process.  The CRC FIRe coordinator is reachable by email and have open office hours, both of which can be found on the FIRe main page. 
  5. Continue writing, drafting, outlining, writing, and brainstorming for the application.  Get a second opinion and extra help in revising.  The Writing Center is a particularly good resource for reviewing and proofreading what you've put together.
  6. Be sure to submit your application on time!