Gap Year Experiences

Read about 9 gap year experiences at the bottom of this page from members of the Class of 2021.

"This experience renewed my sense of self and purpose. I came back to Brown feeling refreshed yet full of questions." -Past gap year-taker

 "It was phenomenal. Gives perspective to your Brown education, and definitely recommended.-Past gap year-taker

"This freedom enabled me to take a step back from the unnecessary pressures of school and to truly assess what I want to get out of the future." -Past gap year-taker

"My gap year was invaluable... I feel so much more centered and prepared for college." -Past gap year-taker

"Gap Years aren't just for people who feel they are not quite ready for college, they can be for anyone who feels a sense of adventure, or feels that they would like to be taken beyond their boundaries for a certain amount of time." -Past gap year-taker

"Second best decision I've ever made (first being going to Brown)." -Past gap year-taker