Guide to Gap Years

About Gap Years

Students admitted as first-years to Brown may apply to take a gap year before matriculating. Students approved for gap years engage in a wide variety of activities that expand their understanding and perspective. Brown students' recent gap year experiences include working in an art gallery, farming in France, and bicycling across America. Students who take gap years generally find that they are more appreciative of and excited about their education than ever before. 

Taking a gap year is not for everyone. Designing an entire year of your life is a daunting challenge. But it also an exciting challenge. A gap year allows you to break away from the beaten path, to learn more about the world, and to get to know yourself.

Brown has many resources available to help newly-admitted first-year students considering a gap year. The "Guide to Gap Years" is a collection of gap year experiences and resources from the Class of 2014. To receive this guide and to get in touch with students who have taken a gap year, contact

Students interested in taking a gap year should contact the Admissions Office with a one-page letter explaining their motivation and plans for their gap year.

Beginning in summer 2015, the gap year volunteer peer advisers are:

Paul Cichocki '16 - orientation dinner
Danielle Handler '17 and Camila Ruiz '17 - email correspondence
Hannah Maier-Katkin '17 and Huda Massarueh '17 - planning other events


***The deadline to inform the Office of Admissions of plans to take a gap year for is June 15th