Independent Studies

Submission Deadlines:

Friday, November 10, 2023: Deadline to submit initial, complete (G)ISP/GLISP/AI proposal for required first review by IS team (submit at [Spring 2024 courses].

Friday, April 12, 2024: Deadline to submit final GISPs/ISPs/AIs for Fall 2024 semester 

(For a Departmental Independent Study course, work directly with your professor to determine the expectations you both have for the credit. They will give you an override code, and you must register for the course no later than the Add a Course deadline listed on the Academic Calendar--the end of the fourth week of the semester. Please note: for DISPs, you do NOT need to submit materials to the CRC.)

Submission Instructions:

Before submitting an Independent Study Application, please read thoroughly the Frequently Asked Questions. We also recommend giving your intended faculty sponsor the Faculty Info Sheet for more information about being a (G)ISP/AI sponsor.

All GISPs, ISPs, and AIs need to submit the Independent Study Application and a Faculty Sponsor statement, along with any appropriate supplements in the list below. Submission instructions are within the documents.

Prior to submission, applications must comply with our (G)ISP/AI Application Checklist. Application must be submitted to by the deadline.

Check out (G)ISP Sample App 1(G)ISP Sample App 2, and (G)ISP Sample App 3 for good examples of completed (G)ISP proposals. To see other previously approved GISPs, visit the Past GISPs Database.

Every student participant in a GISP is expected to contribute to the course syllabus, and in how each of the classes are facilitated once the semester is underway.

Students wishing to enroll in the GISP need to be on the original roster for it when the proposal is submitted the semester prior. However, during the first week of the semester for the GISP, there is an opportunity for the GISP faculty sponsor and student coordinator to submit a petition to add students to the course.