Leavetaking Deadlines

Declaring a personal leave for the following semester:

Dec. 1st: Date to declare leave for the following spring (Semester 2)

May 1st: Date to declare leave for the following fall (Semester 1)

Note: As long as the personal leave is filed and approved before the first day of classes, any tuition payments made for the semester will be refunded. A leave declared on or after the first day of classes is subject to a partial refund of tuition per the schedule posted on the Bursar Office’s website. Contact the CRC leavetaking coordinators, CRC Director Peggy Chang, or one of the Academic Advising Deans to discuss your decision-making process.

Once the semester is underway, if a student takes a leave, there is a tuition reimbursement policy, which you can view here.

Declaring a return from personal leave:

Call/email one of the academic deans of the college to declare your intention to return.

Oct. 1st: Deadline to declare return in the spring semester from personal leave

April 1st: Deadline to declare return in the fall semester from personal leave

Note: Deadlines to return from leave are typically more stringent than deadlines to declare a leave, in order to ensure on-campus housing options and the ability to pre-register for classes. If you have missed the deadline, please contact Peggy Chang or another Academic Advising Dean.

Medical Leave

Medical leave requests for readmission are handled by the Office of Student Support Services through a separate process from the personal leave process. More information about the process can be found here.