Leavetaking Deadlines

Declaring a personal leave for the following semester:

Dec. 1st: Date to declare leave for the following spring (Semester 2)

May 1st: Date to declare leave for the following fall (Semester 1)

Note: These are recommended but flexible deadlines. Contact the CRC or the Academic Deans if you have passed the deadline.

Once the semester is underway, if a student takes a leave, there is a tuition reimbursement policy, which you can view here.

Declaring a return from personal leave:

Call/email one of the academic deans of the college to declare your intention to return

Oct. 1st: Deadline to declare return in the spring semester from personal leave

April 1st: Deadline to declare return in the fall semester from personal leave

Note: Deadlines to return from leave are stricter than deadlines to declare a leave. If you have missed the deadline, please contact the Academic Deans ASAP.

Medical Leave

Medical leave requests for readmission are handled by the Office of Student Support Services through a separate process from the personal leave process; requests must be received by October 15th for a January readmission or by January 15st for a September readmission and participation in the housing lottery; or May 1st for September readmission without participation in the housing lottery. More information about the process can be found here.