Undergraduate Leavetakers on Financial Aid

Notify the Financial Aid office if:

  - You have any federal or University loan. Your grace period will begin to be used starting the last day you attended classes. Depending upon the duration of your leave, your loans may go into repayment.

   - You have any private loans. Contact your private lender directly to learn how your leave may affect your private loans. The private loan may go into repayment immediately.

- Your leave is prior to the start of classes. In this case, your financial aid will simply be cancelled.

- Your leave is after classes have begun. Your financial aid will be prorated, and you may owe a bill to Brown. Meet with a financial aid counselor for more information

Reapplying for Financial Aid

Semester 1: May 6
Semester 2: November 1 
RUE Students: March 10

More Information

Office of Financial Aid
Page-Robinson Hall, Second Floor
(401) 863-2721
[email protected]