Leavetaker Graduation

About Graduation

Many leavetakers complete their degree requirements in December. Every year, Brown University holds a Midyear Completion Celebration for .5'ers. In addition, .5'ers are welcome to participate in the graduation ceremony the semester before and/or after their December completion.

** Please note: Please see the Commencement website for the latest information: https://commencement.brown.edu. **

Mid-Year Completion (December)

Since 1989, Brown University has sponsored a Midyear Completion Celebration in December for Brown students expecting to complete degree requirements at that time. Usually scheduled on the first Saturday in December, the celebration provides students an opportunity to celebrate their achievements with family and friends in an intimate, relaxed setting.  The Dean of the College presides over the ceremony; the President of the University hosts the reception following the ceremony. Students completing their degree requirements midyear are issued their diplomas in May of the following calendar year. 

Commencement (May)

Mid-year completers are welcome to "walk" in the May ceremony preceding and/or following their December completion.  There are no formal steps you have to go through in order to walk. You will also be able to purchase all of the items that graduating seniors are purchasing, from graduation caps and gowns, which go on sale at the bookstore in the beginning of May, to senior week packages.

If you want to participate in your departmental graduation ceremony, you should contact your concentration advisor or departmental coordinator/manager.

Finally:  When you receive your diploma, you can indicate on your alumni profile (with the Office of Alumni Relations) which class you would like to affiliate with for reunions (e.g., with the class you entered as or for the year you received your diploma).

**Diplomas are issued the May following December completion.