UES Experiences

"My participation in the Urban Education Semester formed my future as an educator as well as my perspective on education policy. During that semester I became deeply engaged in rigorous analysis of educational questions while also experiencing what it meant to educate on a practical level. The one semester gave me more useful tools and experience in my particular area of interest than my entire Masters program in education. I would not be as competent a teacher today if it weren't for UES."

-Liza Campbell, Math Educator 

"The Urban Education Semester helped me fall in love with New York, a City I have now called home for almost five years. My outstanding professors, advisors, mentors and peers inspired me to make New York my own and challenged me to think critically about my views on public education. UES also led to my first job out of college‐‐when my UES mentor teacher went on maternity leave, I was the first one asked to step into her role and teach ninth‐grade math at a small public school in Brooklyn. Though I did not go on to become a teacher, the experience, both through UES and afterward, was transformative. The UES advisors are still people from whom I seek advice as I explore the professional world‐‐it is a community that lasts far beyond the one‐semester experience and can serve as an anchor in the often‐overwhelming New York City."

- Viki Rasmussen, Brown University '06, UES Fall '06

"I feel that UES isn't just for those who want to teach in the classroom. I have always been interested in education. My teaching experience at UES was fabulous, but I also realized that my greatest passion is not in classroom teaching.... Now that I have just graduated, I am looking for opportunities in nonprofit organizations that does educational outreach and/or work with children and young adults. Studies at UES and Bank Street also gave me very interesting and hands‐on perspectives on issues of diversity and multi‐culturalism in a urban setting. The ideas I was exposed to, and the pedagogical skills that I acquired are definitely applicable to work situations outside of classroom teaching."

- Holing Yip, Weslyan '10, UES Fall '08

"Right now I'm starting the NY Teaching Fellows Program and interviewing with schools. Whenever I visit a school I'm bringing my UES experience with me: doing a neighborhood walk before I enter the building, putting myself in the mindset of the age group I am teaching ("what am I seeing / hearing / feeling / smelling as I walk into school?") As I go into teaching in my own classroom, I know that my education at Bank St. will inform my work with students and colleagues. It's the core of who I am as an educator."

- Ellie Shrier, UES Fall 2002

"Being a teacher I constantly draw on my UES experiences in the classroom. Those first experiences with teaching are ones I constantly look to for inspiration, aid, and curiosity. Even more importantly than in the classrooms though, I have found myself thinking about UES when working with other adults. Living together, taking classes together, eating together, arguing ‐‐ all these things taught me about relationships ‐ about how to work with people, compromise, push when necessary, etc. Teaching is never something that you can do alone and UES was a formative experience in realizing that."

- Sean Conlon, 4th Grade Teacher, Newark Educator's Community Charter School

"UES provided a unique opportunity to study at Bank St. College of Education and become grounded in progressive, reflective education practices. My studies with UES prepared me to enter the classroom as a lead teacher who consciously seeks out knowledge about the social and emotional well‐being of my students, not just knowledge of my content area."

- Miyo Tubridy, 7&8th Grade ELA teacher, The Renaissance Charter School