First-Year & Sophomore Students

Welcome to Brown!


  • The pages on the left help you explore and plan your academic and co-curricular activities to prepare for a future application to health professions schools. 
  • As the 2021-2022 academic year is impacted by the global pandemic, keep an eye on our COVID-19 FAQ page for important updates. 
  • We will hold a First-Year Orientation on September 4, 2021 between 2 and 3pm through Zoom. Please tune in to our Orientation. It will give you the most comprehensive overview of the pre-health/pre-medical track as you begin your studies at Brown. This entire webiste, particularly the First-Year and Sophomore Students section, covers the same details. We are excited to welcome you to Brown at our Orientation! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AND JOIN US THROUGH ZOOM

We congratulate you for considering further education and careers in healthcare. Preparation for medical school and other health profession training programs is multifaceted and continual. Schools seek applicants who demonstrate academic excellence, knowledge of and commitment to the profession, and strong interpersonal skills. Excellent performance in your pre-health/pre-med coursework is only one aspect of the set of Health Professions Competencies admission committees expect from competitive applicants and effective future health professionals. 

Brown offers you many ways to develop the skills and earn the credentials you need for successful application to schools of the health professions. One of your main goals as an undergraduate should be to find a balance between pursuing your broader interests and meeting admission requirements during your years in college and following graduation. Your education will be most meaningful if you embrace it as a time for personal growth and not just a necessary step in the pursuit of a medical or other health profession degree in the future. Admission committees look for applicants who demonstrate competence, self-awareness, dedication, as well as a track record of academic success, clinical and research experience, and broader humanistic interests and commitments.